Liberal Left Attempts Character Assault on Jets Draft Pick for Liking Tweets Supporting Trump, Calling for Unity

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Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson

It’s a sad digital era we are in when the liberal tech police don’t just dole out repercussions for what one posts, but also for giving a little “thumbs up” icon. New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is the latest victim for “liking” i.e., the small thumbs up, on a tweet that was seemingly pro-Trump. Even worse, it was dug up from last year, only to be made an issue of now, because Wilson was the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Talk about left-wing hate.

Twitter account @RzstProgramming created “a viral thread highlighting that the dual-threat quarterback liked a tweet encouraging people to vote for the former President, a tweet that appeared to be against kneeling and a tweet calling for unity” reports the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Resist Programming tweeted a photo of Zach Wilson during the NFL draft with the Tweet that Wilson “liked” originally posted by actor James Woods with the caption “New York Jets draft pick Zach Wilson liked a pro-Trump tweet saying ‘America is gone forever’ if Trump loses 2020. Zach Wilson MAGA. #NFLDraft.”

In the continued vitriolic rant to demonize this young athlete, Resist Programming’s twitter account continued to post photos of Wilson at the draft, alongside additional tweets he had “liked.” Zach Wilson liked an anti-kneeling tweet criticizing the way some NFL players chose to protest police brutality. Zach Wilson believes kneeling athletes are dishonoring the country and flag. #NFLDraft.”

However, the tweet in question did not at all mention what @RzstProgramming claims it did. The original tweet showed a photo of player Derrick Henry with the caption “you mean you can honor his country/flag AND honor victims of police brutality? What a concept!!! Good for Derrick Henry.” For Resist Programming to say that means “Zach Wilson believes kneeling athletes are dishonoring the country and flag” is a prime example of how blinded by hate the left is.


  1. I hope that he gives the media a huge FU. This treatment of anyone is insane! The libnuts need to be squelched.

  2. Good for this young man who is entitled to speak his mind without retribution. But, that is how the leftists are. The citizens of this country need to encourage their children to think for themselves, and not be influenced by the mob and by academia especially when it comes to Cancel Culture, Counter Culture, Critical Race Theory, etc. These left wing marxists led by Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, and the heads of the American Federation of Teachers and the United Federation of Teachers, etc. are endeavoring to turn this great republic of ours into another socialist third world country. I hope they, and Biden, get whipped at the polls in 2022 and 2024, and the teachers’ unions are put in their proper place of leaving politics at home. And, God bless good young men and women who stand up for what is right and what they believe is good for our country.

  3. RzstProgramming is what modern day KKK and communist authoritarian bullying looks like. They are real Fascist and Neo-Nazis calling everyone racist and assaulting anyone that says anything they do not agree with. Real scum of the earth. Everyone needs to take note of them. Right, left, and in between need to get rid of this bunch because their real mission is to take control of you regardless of who they are going after right now. It is you that they want to control and enslave.

  4. What hate mongers. This is not a free country anymore, with freedom of speech. You either speak their speak, or none,or be canceled ,or be assaulted . Where do these people come from, and the liberal demon-crats encourage it, look how successful Portland is.

  5. I think there is enough of people in America that are sick and tired of this woke bullshit that they are going away pretty damn soon they can take that crap they are pushing and find them an Island and set up shop wokimg each other up.

  6. Well, after reading that last paragraph if he gets cancelled and benched, good! Virtue signaling has NO place in sports. What a concept!!!

  7. Free speech means ALL speech is free. Liberals don’t believe in free speech.

  8. Leave the kid alone!! Your life must be pretty bad to go after people on social media get a Damm life!!!

  9. The NFL itself does not care about sooo many things some players had the nerve to say they never joke about women. This new draft class has a mandatory class they have to take created by the players not the NFL. That class the most dangerous thing a new player has to deal with and that is “WOMEN” Yup every year there are players accused and proven guilty of hitting girl friends, wives, kids etc.. Yet if they can play and help a team win they play. Zack only has to win and not the superbowl he just has to make the Jets better than they have been. Note: Not a tall task there. If Zach comes in and has a winning season and looks like he is only going to get better. No one not one single person that follows football will care about a tweet from a year ago and thats a fact. The NFL can nt afford to lose anymore fans and if they went after Zach and more fans left they could be looking at losing their t.v. contract atleast on a main stream station like abc, cbs, nbc oh no they would go to channle 38 or 56 ! You may say so what that is “billions” in lost dollars. The owners make a fortune selling commercials on the main stream stations. You could cut that by 75% if they go to a cable network they don’t care what you think or I think they only care about money. Honestly I respect that they are a business. They cut your favorite player what do they always say its business not personal. Allowing the players to kneel which by the way was hated my the majority of the country ! People who don’t even watch football hated it 90% of all fans hated it it did not help when they stood for Mexio’s anthem a country known for civil rights violaion on and epic level. Then kneeled for the greatest country in the world the one paying them millions of dollars ! They should have stopped this before it started yes they have that power and no players do NOT have a right to do it. A player can’t even wear pink socks for breast cancer awareness go ahead a player did this and was fined every game until he stopped. There are tons of things players tried to do and were fined and told not to do ever again. Shame on the commisoner for letting this go on it caused fans to leave at a level never seen before it pro sports. In the last 5 years every year they had 50% less viewers than the year before. It has affected the commerical prices and then add in the Pandemic the NFL is hurting. Only Jerry Jones who has a deal outside of the NFL has refused to lower his commercial prices. If the NFL loses another 50% of the viewers from last year there will be major changes in the NFL oh and to the players your paychecks are going to drop just like the salary cap.

  10. The USA is a country guaranteeing Free Speech. Why has this right been rescinded for one side of the political spectrum? Why is nothing done about it?

  11. I do not follow football since Kapernick took a knee on our anthem. Will not put a dime in the pocket of those athletic and payed to play a sport I would for free for the honor but couldn’t get a job at McDonalds slinging fries because they dumb as rocks. But if the left attacks one because they support Trump I’m all in! The greatest President in the last 75 years!

  12. Being on a pro football team and liking Trump will be as welcomed as a fart in a submarine. Ha!

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