Los Angeles City Council Members Propose Sending Unarmed Social Workers Instead of LAPD



os Angeles City Council members believe they have an answer to minimize deaths at the hands of LAPD officers. Have unarmed mental health workers deal with the people instead. The proposal is an emergency-response model using trained “specialists” instead of LAPD officers to attend those who are suffering from mental health and substance abuse, including the homeless.

Submitted by City Council members Nury Martinez, Herb Wesson, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Curren Price and Bob Blumenfield, the motion “asks city departments to work with the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to develop a model that diverts nonviolent calls for service away from the LAPD and to ‘appropriate non-law enforcement agencies” reported the Los Angeles Times.

The council likely is looking at other programs such as the “Cahoots” program in Eugene, Oregon. “Cahoots” stands for ‘Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets’ which sends teams of medics and mental health counselors instead of police if the 911 operators do not believe armed intervention will not be necessary. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on dispatchers.

According to the Times, “Cahoots” executive coordinator of the clinic the operation runs out of, said of 133,000 calls to 911 last year, the program answered 18% of those calls. Of that 18%, the counselors requested police backup 150 times. The executive director also said they operated on a $2 million budget last year and saved the area an astounding $14 million in ambulance transport and emergency room care costs.

Los Angeles’ City Council also voted this week to move forward with “studying ways to cut the LAPD’s budget by $100 million to $150 million and put the money into community programs.” Jerretta Sandoz, vice president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing that officer, says they are open to discussion. Many representatives of the union have brought attention to the demands on officers to which have included duties such as to also be therapists, drug treatment counselors, social workers, and EMTs.

“Not every call our city leaders have asked us to respond to should be a police response,” said Sandoz. “We are more than willing to talk about how, or if, we respond to noncriminal and non-emergency calls so we can free up time to respond quickly to 911 calls, crackdown on violent crime, and property crime and expand our community policing efforts” added Sandoz.


  1. Must want to knock off some workers.

  2. I love and respect the work of Social Workers….having worked with them most of my career…but please let me know how this works out. I predict terribly wrong!

  3. Today’s criminals, mentally ill, domestic abusers, etc. are more violent and more entitled than before.
    Has anyone asked the social workers how they feel about it?
    Careful now, social workers, Dem politicians think that a little collateral damage is perfectly ok – and it’s your heads on the chopping block, now.

  4. So, out of the nearly 24,000 calls, social workers, in Eugene, OR, responded to they only requested police back-up 150 times? I find that very hard to believe.
    What happens when a 911 dispatcher’s judgement is wrong and some social workers are killed or injured by the perps?
    Who will be responsible? Will the dispatcher be hung out to dry because the local politicians will refuse to take responsibility for setting up the dispatcher and the social workers?
    Of course the politicians will blame the 911 dispatcher and/or the social workers. The politicians will never blame the perp. They will claim the social workers should have requested police back-up in time to defuse the situation, or the 911 dispatcher should have been clairvoyant and seen the need for the police to be there.
    Or they will blame thier favorite target, the police themselves for not being there, even though they were not sent in by the dispatcher. The politicians will claim the police were just ‘minutes away’. They will never acknowledge that when seconds count, the Cops are just minutes away.

  5. Especially when called to a domestic disturbance! How many police officers have we read about that was shot and killed responding to a domestic violence?

  6. Why not send in the “community organizers”? OR Maxine Waters – who is supposed to be THEIR representative.

  7. Let me know how that works. Are you going to loot and tear down a city if one of them get killed. With all the educational opportunities available today I am just wondering what they are learning in these schools. Sure is not common sense.

  8. Well, I just went out and bought a whole bunch of microwavable popcorn. This should be really entertaining. Kinda like watching a tidal wave wipe out an entire species? Man, if I was a social worker, I would be doing concealed carry for sure. Just in case. Even though the possibility of this going south is only about 100 to 5 “for” it going south. This would be funny as hell if it wasn’t for the probable loss of life it will cause.

  9. I am a retired social worker. I worked in the criminal justice system and I can tell you that this is a very bad idea.

  10. great way to off “snowflakes”

  11. of course domestics can get you killed..

  12. get the shariA police to go in. That way no one will say anything if they don’t want to go off a building.. The blacks will love sharia

  13. one less snowflake

  14. Might as well give them capes & masks with cool names, too, LOL.

  15. Seriously believe it would be another way to give in to the mob hoodlums and reduce the effectiveness of the police! The police can call for a member of this group if warranted. So I say this proposal is B.S.

  16. These people are totally insane!!! Anyone with any sense knows that answering a domestic disturbance call can and usually is extremely dangerous. If they get that call it has probably already turned violent. Answering a call for a robbery or a shooting in progress, the police know more or less what to expect and can be prepared. Domestic or arguments between neighbors or whatever, they don’t know if anyone has a gun or knife or some other weapon, they don’t know how angry they are or anything. A social worker?? RIGHT!!! You people are so stupid it’s pathetic. You are going to get a lot of innocent people killed!

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