Maine Hospital Forced to Divert Trauma Patients Due to ‘Unprecedented’ Nursing Staff Shortages

Central Maine Medical Center says it is temporarily suspending pediatric and trauma admissions

Central Maine Medical Center
Central Maine Medical Center

Vaccine mandates for COVID-19 have created extreme disorder in many facets of our lives. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are quitting or forcibly being put on leave of absence, leaving our education, retail, police force, supply chain, healthcare system and more in disarray.

Just one example of the devastating consequences is a Maine Medical Center being forced to suspend pediatric and trauma admissions. That’s right; the federal mandates imposed by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, are directly impacting America’s sick children and those in need of emergency care.

The Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston says it is forced to divert pediatric and trauma patients due to nursing staff shortages. It all comes down to “unprecedented” staffing shortages.

“Central Maine Medical Center says pediatric inpatient admissions are suspended until further notice. Trauma inpatient admissions will be reevaluated on a day-by-day basis” reports Maine’s local CBS station WGME.

WGME reporter Mal Meyer tweeted, “CMH told CBS13 it had to close its NICU because of staff resignations over the state’s vaccine mandate. CMH officials have shared worst-case scenarios with area lawmakers should more resign or aren’t able to work come the end of the month.”

The hospital unfortunately is bracing for even more staff to resign or not be allowed to work because of the state’s vaccine mandate. “One-hundred-seventy CMMC workers with direct patient care roles have not submitted their vaccination records.”

Maine Republican leaders have called for a special session to try and change the state’s vaccine mandate so that “healthcare workers can keep serving Mainers.”


  1. Blue States mandates inspired by Biden who has not nor can he legally mandate anyone outside of the federal government. All for nothing other than virtue signaling and one-upsmanship. No scientific reasoning for it. It’s all about testing the power and control over people by paper mandates.
    The citizens have had enough of the smoke and mirrors, house of lies and have put the breaks on these out of control tyrants.

    Enough is enough.

    Opinionated conjecture

  2. This is so sad. How before millions of Americans will put an end to Biden and his administration? Every day brings the most upsetting acts being done or attempted to be done to Americans who love their country. It is time to start rallies asking for the impeachment of Biden. He doesn’t have a heart for his country or the American people. What a joke when we see photos of him attending church. He will pay for his cruel acts either here on earth or when he finds himself where people of his ilk reside for eternity.

  3. Those selfish unvaccinated.
    They care more about their health than promoting a fear campaign.

    And they thought Orange Man bad was scary!
    Good luck with your chest pains, best get to a Red State and fast.,

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