Man Arrested for Viral Video Licking Walmart Items

(Photo courtesy: Warren County Jail)

A Missouri man sitting behind bars is one of the latest aptly termed #covidiots. The 26-year-old filmed himself licking items on a Walmart shelf. Before he began his licking tirade he yelled out “who’s scared of the coronavirus?” The man, named Cody Pfister, posted his video to his Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok accounts.

According to the City of Warrenton Police Department’s Facebook page, Pfister’s video “gained some international attention” and they “received numerous reports about the video from locals, nearby residents, as well as people from the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.” Pfister was taken into custody where he was charged with “making a terrorist threat.”

Unfortunately, #covidiots appears to be the parallel pandemic to corona. Newsweek reported police were called after a woman licked the door handle of a Wisconsin grocery store as a means to “protest” the virus while the manager was disinfecting the store.  Last week a man was arrested in North Carolina after going live on Facebook declaring he had COVID-19 inside a while inside a Walmart.

The Centers for Disease Controls has confirmed that in the United States alone, more than 44,000 cases have been confirmed, resulting in more than 500 deaths.


  1. What is wrong with people like this? Can we do something about them? It’s beyond disgusting! We used to lock them up, maybe we should again.

  2. You have to appreciate these idiots who snicker and upload a crime to their Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and whatever and are stupidly narcissistic enough to forget the have their real name and location on Facebook with tons of selfies. That’s his story.

  3. At this time he is locked up. Probably be charged as a terrorist. Hopefully he will enjoy licking in prison. LOL

  4. The list of candidates for the Darrin Award keeps growing and growing. Maybe we should have a separate “containment center” for these intellects, where they can All stay together and share their coronovirus exploits and have a jolly good time. Should they come down with the coronovirus, well, let’s see how strong their immune system is to help them recover on their own.
    Our dedicated doctors and nurses, who are on the front line, are doing their best to keep their patients alive. They certainly should NOT be pulled away from the people who need them the most right now, to tend to these dumb asses who think they are being funny or whatever in hell is running through their minds. One question I have, is this the best example of their parents teaching them to be the best that you can be??? This is truly a shining result of being “dumbed down”.

  5. I hope that you are so right!

  6. I think what is “wrong with these people” is they’re all DemonRat Liberals.
    Have to be.
    Conservative Republicans and most independents are THAT stupid to be licking toilet seats or spitting on vegetables or out there showing how brave they are by licking door knobs.
    A lot of people don’t wash their hands when they move their bowels and their fingers break through the toilet paper when wiping the “anal zones”

  7. Not exactly the cream of the gene pool. I suspect we’ll find him in his grandma’s basement eating tide pods.

  8. You Might Be A LIBERAL If …………

  9. You Can’t fix Stupid. I sincerely hope that they throw the book at this azzwipe. Anyone stupid enough to do this needs to be removed from society. I pray that he hasn’t already spread his genes.

    In all seriousness What these MORONS are doing is actually a Federal Crime. It is Tampering with a Consumer Product. US. Code 1365. This is punishable up to 10 years. and if it causes death then Life in Prison. And Posting this on online just makes law Enforcement’s job that much easier. Keep it up Millennial’s! Those who would do something like this well, You Truly are a waste of space.

  10. It is people like this that need to be taken care of!!!

  11. attention seekers & very lonely people.

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