Tyler Perry


rguably one of the most well-known names in Hollywood is Tyler Perry. Perry is a Black media mogul with everything under his belt: writing, producing, acting and directing. In 2011 he was listed as Forbes’ highest-paid man in entertainment with dozens of nominations and awards under his belt. Many of the awards he has received reside in categories such as “African-American Film Critics Award,” and “NAACP Image Awards” clearly demonstrating how valued and respected he is in the Black community.

Perry deserves yet another award; shocking CNN. Perry gave his opinions on defunding the Police in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Unwilling to fall in line with the demands of many Democrats and African Americans, Perry said, “I am not for taking money from the police department.”

Not only was Perry’s strength to announce his position refreshing, but his reasoning was heartfelt. “I think we need more police. My studio is in a neighborhood where I think we need police” said Perry. As for repercussions for defunding the police, Perry notes the danger: “we don’t need police that are undertrained. And you got to understand, I have really close friends who are police officers that I love dearly who are really good people, who have been very, very hurt by this as well.”

Perry addresses what many Black Lives Matter sympathizers do not, and that is the repercussions that hurt and kill is always…wrong. “Where there’s wrong, I’m going to stand up against it” said Perry. “When Rayshard Brooks was murdered, I thought that was wrong. When George Floyd was murdered, I thought that was wrong, like so many other people” he added.

“But when a police officer who was White in a suburb in Atlanta was shot in the head by a shoplifter, I thought that was wrong, too, and I reached out to do what I can to help his family” Perry continued, when 8-year-old Secoreia turner “was shot near the Wendy’s in her mother’s back seat, I thought that was wrong, too. So anywhere there’s wrong, I’m going to stand up against it.”

In summation, Perry says what many Americans believe, but are being silenced by the violence and hatred. “There are a lot of people in America who feel the way that I do. I think we need the police. I know that I need the police. I have several that worked for me here at the studio. We need them, but we need them reformed.”

Primarily, “we need them trained well. We need the right structure, right?” said Perry. “But some of the things inside of the Defund the Police [movement] I really understand like having officers who are clinically trained to deal with certain situations. I think all of those things are helpful” added Perry. “But taking money from the police department to make the police department smaller, that troubles me” he concluded.


  1. I have so much respect for this man and I applaud what he said. Certainly reform so that the law enforcement are better trained & they get the support they need is always welcome.

    When you have the radicals insisting police be eliminated, you know that our society will cease to exist because violence & destruction is not far behind.

    We need more like Tyler & less like Joy Behar.

  2. What a wonderful young man! Was not a rich Afro American was very poor, but he never asked for a handout he worked hard for what he has. Admire him for standing for his beliefs.

  3. Better Trained, Better Prepared, and More, not fewer POLICE OFFICERS hired to Protect American Citizens all over our country. Defunding, taking money away from Police Departments thus causing every American Citizen serious concern for their own safety and the safety for every member of their family. Defunding Police Departments would simply create additional strain on an already weakened Police Force from political games being played out at our expense. (Always liked Tyler Perry, I lived in Atlanta and watched all the good things he did and continues to do and have more respect for him and give him kudos for speaking out voicing his opinion and not just going along with the left) The Democrat Party is more obsessed with doing anything and everything they can to hurt the President Personally, and disrupt his chance for Re-Election at ANY COST.. including condoning, actually encouraging CHAOS in many of our cities… cities controlled by Democrats, in many instances for decades, that has led to rioting, looting, burning and destroying property of innocent people and sadly even innocent Americans being killed. This is UNACCEPTABLE and EVERY PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN KNOWS THIS and many speak up, but many don’t for fear of retribution of the far left radical socialist democrats, who have used fear tactics, violence and threats to silence Americans who disagree with them, their position on various topics. Just look at what has been going on in PORTLAND, SEATTLE, MINNEAPOLIS, CHICAGO, NEW YORK CITY, etc…. OUR GREAT NATION IS in grave danger. ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  4. It is so nice to hear someone …a big name professional with his head on straight. Not ruled by emotion or mob rule. Not following the Pied Piper. Good guy. Good common sense. More well trained and yes well armed, but sensible police are needed now…more than ever.

  5. Your right, plain and simple. All in all, the war is the left against Trump and the chaos incited in our nation is the weapon of the left to destroy this sitting president. It won’t work. It’s not going to work. But they will have damaged their own nation…which ultimately makes it pretty clear how much they love our land. After this fiasco…they may only have succeeded in destroying their own party.

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