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Merrick Garland Ducks Vital Questions During Combative Hearing

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Under intense questioning, Merrick Garland dodged and deflected, and bobbed and weaved like a has-been prize fighter with no punch and no defense.  He spent six hours on Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee protecting his glass jaw.

“I don’t know…I don’t recall…I can’t talk about it” were his persistent responses.  He proved that, as Attorney General, he’s a pathetic embarrassment and should resign in disgrace.

The questions posed were legitimate and important.  Were two IRS whistleblowers telling the truth when they testified that Garland’s Justice Department interfered with their investigation into Hunter Biden?  Did the son of Garland’s boss receive preferential treatment?  Why has Hunter never been charged with serious felonies for tax evasion on millions in overseas cash?   There’s more.

How could Hunter not be charged with federal lobbying crimes under FARA when he was clearly advocating on behalf of foreign partners and countries?  Why would he be gifted a “sweetheart” deal that avoids prison when no other citizen would ever receive such a lenient plea arrangement?  How could the chief prosecutor David Weiss allow the statutes of limitations to expire for three full years’ worth of obvious crimes?  Why would such a person ever be rewarded with special counsel status?

Garland’s primary excuse was that he’s clueless.  When Republican members confronted him about the myriad of scandals at the DOJ that have cratered public opinion, he lamely muttered that his knowledge is limited to what he reads in the media.  He pivoted to say that others make decisions on major issues.

In other words, Garland is in charge of dressing himself in the morning, and that’s about it.  He’s an empty vessel.  A mindless figurehead.  Anyone who bothered to watch his confirmation hearing in 2021 already knew that.  A genius he is not.

Conjuring up memories of a mentally diminished Robert Mueller who fumbled, stumbled, and mumbled his way through a congressional hearing on The Russia Hoax, Garland on Wednesday maintained that he couldn’t remember whether he ever spoke with the FBI about the investigation into the president’s son, even though the FBI reports to him.

You’ll recall that in March, Garland testified under oath that David Weiss had “full authority to bring cases in other jurisdictions.”  He reiterated it on Wednesday saying, “If Weiss wanted to bring a case in any jurisdiction, he would be able to do that.”  But we know that’s not true.

Evidence shows that the Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. blocked Weiss’s attempt to criminally charged Hunter Biden in that district.  So now, Garland is parsing it this way: “No one had the authority to turn him down.  They could refuse to partner with him.”  Obviously, those are contradictory statements.  If another U.S. Attorney in a different venue refuses to partner with Weiss, then his prosecution there is being turned down.

At other times, Garland’s testimony was deliberately deceptive.  He gratuitously offered that Weiss was appointed by Trump.  But he conveniently omitted the relevant fact that then-President Barack Obama originally named Weiss to the same position as “Acting” U.S. Attorney.  Trump kept him on the job only because the two Democrat Senators in Delaware —who are Biden’s devoted confederates— insisted on it.  Trump didn’t realize it, but the fix was in.

Garland well knows that if Weiss is forced to testify he’ll refuse to answer any questions about the suspected Biden crime family enterprises.  This is exactly why Garland kept telling the committee that Weiss would answer their questions, knowing full well that he never will.  It’s also why Garland named Weiss special counsel so that both men could conceal evidence and obstruct congressional inquiries.

The attorney general refused to explain why Weiss suddenly became special counsel roughly five years after the investigation was launched, offering only that Weiss asked for it.  But the reason is self-evident.  It was a shrewd maneuver that permits them to shield the Bidens from criminal culpability while hiding the truth.

“I am not the president’s lawyer,” insisted Garland.  That’s doubtful.  But he’s certainly Biden’s partisan protector.