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f there was ever any question about the dishonesty and corruption that poisoned the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, newly released documents erase all doubt.

For more than three years, the FBI and federal prosecutors concealed exculpatory evidence proving that the retired Army lieutenant general and former National Security Adviser committed no crimes. James Comey’s FBI knew it, and special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors knew it. They didn’t care. An innocent man could be sacrificed.

In their zeal to damage President Trump, Comey and his confederates devised a devious scheme in January of 2017 to target and frame Flynn. After secretly recording his perfectly legal and appropriate telephone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, it was leaked to the media. This gave FBI assistant director Andrew McCabe an excuse to contact Flynn to discuss what the press was reporting. It was a clever artifice.

It is well established that McCabe deceived Flynn about the true purpose of the call, convincing him to allow two FBI agents to drop by the White House for an innocuous chat. The perjury trap was set.

The documents made public on Wednesday exposed the underlying “goal” behind the visit with Flynn: “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

Let’s think about that for a moment. Since when is it the business of the FBI to get a person fired? Is it the job of the bureau to get people to lie so that they can be charged with the crime of lying? Can officials simply invent or create a crime extemporaneously?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding “no!”

The unsealed smoking gun notes demonstrate how the FBI covertly weaponized their power for political reasons. It is obvious that they didn’t care about the Flynn-Kislyak discussion itself. They saw it as a golden opportunity — a vehicle to wound Trump a mere four days into his presidency. Comey later bragged to a televised audience about how they’d snookered the incoming administration and violated protocols when they set the trap.

The documents expose the underlying “goal” behind the visit with Flynn: “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired”

The new documents also expose how FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page plotted a way to circumvent agency policy designed to protect Flynn’s constitutional rights. Shockingly, emails show that neither Strzok nor Page even understood the policy they were determined to break.

Despite all of their scheming and calculating, the perjury trap failed miserably. Flynn told the truth. As noted in my last column, the subsequent FBI report stated that Flynn gave no indication of deception It concluded that “Strzok and (redacted FBI agent) both had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying.”

But truth and honesty were alien concepts to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of ruthless prosecutors. Utilizing the full force of the federal government and its unlimited resources, they intimidated and bullied Flynn into pleading guilty to a crime they knew he did not commit.

All of the exculpatory evidence of his innocence was suppressed and concealed. The Mueller team, according to Flynn, threatened to prosecute his son unless the father capitulated to their demands. That aspect of his coerced plea was also hidden from the court when Flynn finally threw in the towel. Destroyed financially, he was forced to sell his home.

Flynn’s only crime was going to work for President Trump. He became an unwitting pawn in the FBI’s quest to find evidence of a nonexistent “collusion” conspiracy with Russia to steal the 2016 election. It turned out to be the greatest mass delusion in American political history.

More documents are expected to be unsealed in the Flynn matter. But enough is known already that the federal judge presiding over the case should, in the interest of justice, vacate the forced guilty plea. It will then be incumbent on the Department of Justice to dismiss the case entirely.

All of this exculpatory evidence would have remained buried were it not for the intrepid work of Flynn’s new attorney, Sidney Powell, as well as the decision by Attorney General William Barr to appoint U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen to review the case. Only then did the material surface. Under the law, prosecutors were required to provide it to the defense.

The DOJ should now consider whether crimes were committed by those who obscured the truth. Anyone who corruptly impedes the due administration of law and justice could face potential obstruction of justice charges. Obstruction is a crime against justice itself.

Current FBI Director Christopher Wray must also face scrutiny. He likely knew about the exculpatory evidence for the last two and a half years yet appears to have done nothing. This is consistent with his other actions dedicated to protecting, at all costs, the FBI’s reputation, which was sullied beyond repair by his predecessor, Comey. Wray should have been fired long ago,

The treatment of Gen. Michael Flynn is a cautionary tale of the danger to all Americans. If the people we entrust to enforce and uphold the law are capable of persecuting an innocent three-star general while covering up their mendacious acts, imagine what they can do to any of us.


  1. Gregg, The only question I have is: When?

    When will Wray be Fired?
    When will corrupt FBI agents be prosecuted?
    When will corrupt prosecutors be prosecuted?

    As a retired local police official (Internal Affairs Division), seeing this kind of corruption going unpunished (3 years now) makes me sick. My police department would never stand for this kind of behavior. Any officer caught lying about a material matter, or concealing evidence would be terminated. Since the officer’s testimony would no longer be credible in court, removal from sworn duty was a priority.

    I once thought the FBI was a premiere law enforcement agency. I was wrong. Your local police departments are the premiere law enforcement agencies due to the fact they are held accountable at the local level. The FBI on the other hand seems accountable to no one. I fear what may come in the near future is absolute mistrust and outright resistance toward federal law enforcement by the people. This will result in high crime rates and eventually; chaos.

    When it comes to being a law enforcement officer, having the public’s trust is everything. Without it, the entire mission is doomed to failure.

    Great article (as always)!


  2. You are spot on brother! But I’m sure they’ll walk with no charges! Shameful!

  3. I agree!

  4. There will be all out war if they aren’t prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. Police depts are puppets on the mayors strings! Same with FBI on a bigger scale.

  6. It’s not prosecuted, it’s persecuted.

  7. The voters can fire the mayor. Try firing your FBI Director or any other federal official.

  8. The FBI better not ask me to be on any juries. Everyone goes free in my book. Can’t trust a word they say.

  9. Great article. It is just sickening. I know this is not everything that there is more but I hope everyone involved is brought to their knees and beg for forgiveness.

  10. How many times has a mayor been fired in a major city? AT least a few FBI rats are gone. Hope indictments are coming!

  11. Thanks Gregg for all your WORK!

  12. One other point is how the federal and state governments are more and more using police state tactics. What the FBI did to LTG Flynn is no more or less than using the police powers of the federal government for their own purposes against a United States citizen when no law was broken. These people know that the ordinary person cannot fight against the government. Very few people have that much money: General Flynn certainly didn’t. Adding to this is how the state governments are taking away our 1st amendment rights in the name of fighting the Wuhan virus and why very few people are taking them to court for taking away their civil rights. What part of “Congress shall make no law” don’t they understand? It doesn’t say with the exception of! We are going down a slippery slope to a full blown police state. Beware!

  13. Nothing more damaging to America than white liberals.

  14. As a former Deputy Sheriff I already have ZERO respect, trust or anything for anyone from the FBI. This garbage has been going on since FDR and NO Agent can tell me they never heard of this garbage even as rumors. The FBI is closed nit and most agents I dealt with dreamed of being in DC and not in the field. That should tell you just how corrupt the FBI has become when everyone wants to get to HQ.

  15. I was never impressed with any field agent I ever dealt with. Now the US Marshals, different cut altogether. Maybe that is who should run the FBI. Anything would be an improvement over who is there now.

  16. As a former Deputy Sheriff I already have ZERO respect, trust or anything for anyone from the FBI. This garbage has been going on since FDR and NO Agent can tell me they never heard of this crap even as rumors. The FBI is closed nit and most agents I dealt with dreamed of being in DC and not in the field. That should tell you just how corrupt the FBI has become when everyone wants to get to HQ.

  17. I find it amazing myself the number of self hating white liberals who are complicit in the ruination of this great nation. I guess many years of indoctrination by leftist educators, the news media and Hollywood has been successful. After all, Goebbels convinced an entire country to commit genocide and try to take over the world.

  18. This case defines tyranny.

  19. They need to be put on trial in Texas…specifically West Texas.

  20. There was a time when we SHOT Traitors to the United States……………It’s time to bring that action back…

  21. “It was a clever artifice” Wow is that an overstatement. Those idiots were never really clever but heavy ham handed morons. If the media had even tried this could have been uncovered and would have not gone off the rails. But they for political reasons and plain stupidity chose to join the coup attempt. These political “reporters” sucked up every planted story and amplified the lies and deceit until even fair minded Americans started to believe this pile of dung. Now they have exposed their naked butts and the entire corporate media is as dead as Jimmy Hoffa. No sane individual will ever believe their B.S. again. Maybe in a generation or two it will be only a chapter in a history book but until then let the media starve and all their inapt “reporters” be cut loose to find real jobs. Useless as dog sh*t on your shoe.

  22. Sorry but the FBI was founded on lies and exaggerated accomplishments. J. Edgar Hoover was a dictator who terrorized the rank and file as well as the politicians who were charged with holding him accountable.

    Any local LEO who worked closely with with them KNEW they were “all hat and no cattle” as they say in Texas. Total clowns. Without the AUSA’s to guide and cover-up their mistakes and shoddy investigations there would be NO FBI. Their “academy” is another joke dedicated to showing them how to protect the reputation of “the bureau.” I am sure the rank and file believe their own B.S. but in reality they are not what they themselves crack themselves up to be. Just survey most large Police Departments about their experiences with them. They steal cases and take credit for things they never worked an hour on.

    Marshalls, ICE and even the Postal authorities are more professional and effective than the FBI. It explains their hubris in thinking they could bring down a POTUS without being exposed. FBI has the seeds of its own destruction within its’ Hoover based DNA. Get rid of them since they are irredeemably flawed.

  23. This is going to be “The Story Of The Year” I sincerely hope…. and all of the REAL CROOKS EXPOSED…
    HE IS SO PROTECTED. The Republicans gave that liar respect when it hurt us badly but we did…NO MORE…
    GET IT ALL OUT! Hillary, “the Queen” is trying to cozy up to Biden as HE will be OUT shorty…sure the crooks
    have it all planned. The Democrats have given our duly elected President NO respect and believe it was
    Hillary the Crook who said “that if Trump wasn’t President, he’d be in prison!” WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE
    IN PRISON?????????????????????? I rest my case!

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