ver 700 arrests had been reported in New York City by the middle of the anarchist week filled with violence and destruction. Unfortunately, it’s all for naught. New York City police chief Terrence Monahan told the New York Post earlier this week that the majority of those arrested are immediately released due to New York’s new bail reform law.

Additionally, most won’t even need to post bail. That’ll teach them to disobey the law. New York’s bail-reform law was enacted on January 1. CityAndStateNY.com explains the changes:

Under the new bail law, prosecutors can only ask for bail or pretrial detention in certain felony cases – including almost all violent felonies – and a handful of misdemeanor charges. Nearly all class A felonies – the most serious category of crime, including murder, first-degree arson and first-degree kidnapping – are still eligible for bail or pretrial detention. So are the vast majority of felony sex offenses. Witness tampering and witness intimidation also fall under that category, as do terrorism and terrorism-related charges.

Protestors and looters are taking to the streets after George Floyd, an African American man was killed in a confrontation with at least four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day. Despite Floyd’s own family calling for peace, declaring he was a “gentle giant” who would not want his name to be honored with violence, scenes of major cities where the protests are taking place look like war zones.

Monahan said of the turmoil, “we had some arrests in Brooklyn where they had guns, [and] hopefully [Brooklyn district attorney] Eric Gonzalez will keep them in, [but] I can’t guarantee that’ll happen.” Unfortunately, “when it comes to a burglary [at] a commercial store, which is looting, they’re back out…Because of bail reform, you’re back on the street the next day” added Monahan.

Monahan mentioned he even spoke to Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance who “told me there’s nothing he can do.” Governor Andrew Cuomo partly blamed the NYPD for the devastation. “The police in New York City were not effective at doing their job last night. Period” Cuomo told reporters.

Rightly so, Chief Monahan was “extremely outraged” by Cuomo’s remarks. “I’m watching my men and women out there dealing with stuff that no cop should ever have to deal with, bricks, rocks, hit in the face with bottles and continuing to go forward to make an arrest” Monahan told the Post. “For a governor to be sitting in his office saying that we’re not doing a good job – I’m outraged.”


  1. DemocRATS have made a joke out of the whole deal. Why even arrest them ? With laws like this no end in sight. I would not assist in any way.

  2. Maybe the police should arrest the man who would be dictator. Send debullshiner to jail, after all, isn’t he endangering the people of new York?

  3. This was all planned. They are crafting an enemy designed to bait out the armed patriots into a field of mines. If you arm yourself and defend these leftist city-states, the police will arrest you and the terrorists together, but the courts will let the terrorists go while you rot in jail. Don’t fall for it. Go the opposite direction. Turn away from the gates of hell. Turn away from the synagogue of satan. Turn away from the cities and systems designed by your enemies. Return to your roots, look toward your family and your folk and your Savior. Surround yourself with your kind; the good, the wholesome, and reject the stinking brown filth of the world and their poison bags of silver.

  4. so basically the arrested rioters, arsonists & looters get some rest and relaxation before heading back out to terrorize the city.

  5. Released on bail doesnt mean they dont have to answer their charges in court.
    The problem is how can the police who charged them be in 700 different court rooms

  6. Welcome to COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. state under “emperor” cuomo. Hey N.Y. city dwelling democommunist ‘liberals” , THIS my friends is what you VOTED for (as well as the other “cities” in N.Y. Perhaps the next election you should think before voting for more democommunists that could care LESS about your safety, and MORE about the “emperors” voting block of criminals, murderers, robbers, and looters. Just another scum POS that has been “bought” by soros –family dollars.

  7. How dare the F. health care professionals recently published a letter stating that we have to keep obeying the stay-at-home rules. In the same letter they approved the looters going out-and-about because the violent “protests” are for a legit purpose! My going to school or out to eat ain’t legit?

  8. i am beginning to think this whole george thing is another hoax being perpetrated by the left to undermine our President.
    it just conveniently happens just as Americans start protesting their tyrannical governor to let them live their lives and go back to work.

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