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ndrew Weissmann, who ran special counsel Robert Mueller’s misbegotten Russian collusion investigation, is desperate to derail U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal inquiry into suspected corruption and abuse of power by officials at the FBI and others in the Obama administration.

Weissmann, who has never bothered to conceal his hatred of President Trump, penned a recent op-ed in the New York Times urging Department of Justice officials to resist the Durham probe. This smacks of an effort by Weissmann to obstruct justice. In essence, he is encouraging prosecutors at the DOJ to interfere with or undermine a legitimate criminal investigation. He appears to be doing it for a corrupt purpose.

It is outrageous that any lawyer would advocate such action. But the unconscionable move is classic Weissmann. He has no scruples. His respect for the law is non-existent. Truth is meaningless, which makes him a perfect fit for his current job as a paid commentator at MSNBC.

What is especially insidious is that Weissmann was himself involved in the phony anti-Trump dossier in the summer of 2016 just as the Russia hoax was launched.

As I detailed in my book, Witch Hunt, Christopher Steele fed the dossier that he had composed to Bruce Ohr during a morning meeting at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. on July 30th. This was one day before the FBI secretly opened its investigation of Trump and his campaign without a shred of credible or verified evidence.

Ohr later testified before Congress that he immediately arranged a meeting with Weissmann to tell him all about the improbable accusations in the dossier, the severe bias of its author, and how the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats had funded it so as to damage Trump during the presidential campaign.

Hence, Weissmann knew at the outset that the case against Trump was riven with prejudice and driven by a defective document. Instead of investigating Clinton and her confederates for conspiring with foreigners to defraud the U.S. government, the dossier was exploited to target Trump despite a dearth of evidence that it was authentic.

All of this made Weissmann complicit in the misuse of the dossier and the ensuing witch-hunt that consumed the next three years of the Trump presidency. Did Weissmann take any action to question the legal validity of the FBI’s probe or shut it down? Apparently not. In fact, he did the opposite. Months later, Weissmann joined the Mueller investigation of Trump without fully disclosing his disqualifying conflict of interest. He failed to recuse himself as federal regulations required.

U.S. Attorney Durham should haul Weissmann before a grand jury and question him about his involvement in the dossier and his direct role in pursuing Trump based on knowingly fictive evidence. I suspect Weissmann fears this, which is why he is now doing what he can to obstruct the Durham probe.

Weissmann is the kind of guy who gives lawyers a bad name. In his career he has left a trail of wreckage, destroying lives and livelihoods.

He drove the Arthur Anderson accounting firm out of business, leaving tens of thousands without jobs, only to have his prosecution overturned by a unanimous Supreme Court. You have to really screw up to get overturned by every justice on the highest court.
But Weissmann didn’t stop there. Undeterred, he went after Merrill Lynch executives putting them behind bars and ruining their lives, only to have that case also reversed.

Weissmann’s shameless record proves that he is a one-man train wreck with a ledger of complaints filed against him. He is infamous for his abusive tactics and wrongful prosecutions that have earned him reversals and rebukes. He has been accused of suppressing evidence and threatening witnesses.

At one point, Weissmann’s reputation was so sullied that he was largely banished from the DOJ, only to have Bob Mueller rescue him. As special counsel, Mueller gave him complete authority to pick the team of partisans that went after Trump with a vengeance. There was never any evidence of a collusion conspiracy and Weissmann knew it from the beginning.

Weissmann has a disgraceful history of weaponizing the law for political purposes. He is at it again.


  1. Isn’t this convenient? It is within 90 days of the Presidential election.

    Attorney John Durham, stymied by the obstructionism of former Obama officials and the pandemic, is still investigating the efforts of President Obama, Vice President Biden, the FBI, the intelligence services, and the Clinton campaign.

    He is also investigating malfeasance in the conduct of the Mueller investigation and one Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s senior prosecutor.

    Wouldn’t it be better (for Weissmann and all of the others who might be implicated) if the indictments and the report Durham comes forward with could be put off until after the election to not ‘affect its outcome’?

    Now, let’s visit President Trump’s viewpoint for a New York minute. There is no way, no way in Hades, that I would want Andrew Flippin Weissmann to inject himself as yet another roadblock to this investigation. His whining on MSNBC will be tolerated, but his hands are dirty.

    In fact, there is a lot of dirt that needs to be made very, very public in time to allow voters to fully understand the magnitude of the worst crime ever perpetrated by a Presidential administration on an incoming President.

    And da soona da betta.

  2. Weissmann is corrupted scumbag that definitely needs to be charge with obstruction of justice. Any DOJ official that does resist legitimate efforts by Durham to investigate the Obama era corruption should be fired and charge also with obstruction.

  3. Time for Chris Wray to prove to us that he’s not one of THEM. Let FBI raid Weisman’s home in the middle of the night and bring him in, cuffed, on a dozen charges. Barr needs to scan with eagle eye around DOJ to see which of the Obama remnants are responding to Weisman’s call and show them the door, unless there’s some substance showing that could get them locked up. This is war, guys. The Allies – U.S., U.K., Russia and France – managed to launch The Nuremberg Trials within SIX MONTHS of the end of WWII. Durham has now had FIFTEEN MONTHS. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  4. The next 90 days is when the Dems are going to pull out all the stops and try anything and everything they can think of to undo the President. Nothing has stuck so far. You would think they would learn. The Definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  5. wray is part of the swamp., he is protecting the rats

  6. And here I thought the guy wanted Justice..LOL

  7. And still, with every single anti-Trump FBI agent and investigator they could scrape off the bottom of the barrel, the OSC was not able to find even one instance of the Trump campaign soliciting or receiving election assistance from the Russians, or a single illegal case of obstruction of justice on his behalf.


  9. Barr appointed a different prosecutor for the muller probe. He stated this in his recent house grilling. Whom ever he appointed scared wiessman to death , causeing this obstructive statement.

  10. Unlike the Mueller charade, Barr is bringing in non-Washinton people.
    He is fully aware that everyone in Washington knows everyone else.
    Instead of trying to avoid picking ringers in that mess, he is selecting from outside the clique.

  11. After Enron, Weissmann should not even have had a license much less a career.

  12. That disgraced Andrew Weissmann would openly encourage people inside the Dep’t of Justice to not cooperate with a criminal investigation is more than astounding! It now puts the action/inaction of every DOJ personell in question. It is not surprising the the NYT would aid and abet Weissmann in his partisan agenda in what appears to be a call for open insurrection. Weissmann and any of his cohorts shud be charged with treason.

  13. As an officer of the court, can’t Weissmann be reprimanded by the court?

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