Nadler’s Faux Hearing


Nadler’s maiden voyage into a faux impeachment hearing sank before it got out of port.

Of all the possible witnesses he could have called, Corey Lewandowski should have been at the bottom of his list.  It was folly for Nadler to think that Lewandowski would provide any evidence of value.  He’d already testified several times and had been interviewed by the special counsel.  He had nothing new to add.


Much of the questioning focused on President Trump’s request that Lewandowski ask A-G Sessions to limit the scope of the special counsel investigation.  Lewandowski never did so.  But even if he had, the president would be constitutionally authorized to take such action.  It is not obstruction of justice, as detailed in Witch Hunt (chapter 5).  Indeed, he could have ordered an end to the special counsel investigation and it would still not constitute obstruction.  Politically unwise, yes.  But obstruction, no.  If Nadler believes otherwise, he’s not much of a lawyer.  He certainly demonstrated that he has no cross-examination skills.  His attempts at questioning Lewandowski were abysmal.

So, this entire exercise was simply contrived to trash Trump publicly.  Most members of congress spent their time mugging for the cameras with partisan diatribes. 

It was all pointless.

Lewandowski Embarrases Democrats at First Impeachment Hearing

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  1. The behavior of the house demos is inexcusable and rude. These people are not professionals. They are hooligans and should be treated as such.

  2. PLEASE. Keep it going. PLEASE

  3. Way to “kneel and return fire” in the battle of nadler – Corey…you are a great soldier.

  4. Preaching to the choir is what your doing. Put Jerry Nadler name in the foreign press and see what happens to his contact with other people in Congress. Any word of those people who want to go after Trump in those media outlets makes Intel people go nuts as who in the US Congress is working for other governments.

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