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Nancy Pelosi is Demanding Facebook and Twitter Remove This Video

Nancy Pelosi demands Twitter, Facebook takedown video of her ripping up State of the Union speech posted by President Trump

Nancy Pelosi

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”S” font=”Ultra” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]peaker of the House “Nasty” Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats, have demanded that Facebook and Twitter remove a meme video that President Trump tweeted out. The video shows Trump honoring guests he brought to his State of the Union address and of Petty Pelosi ripping the speech up as they were being honored.  Watch the video below:


If Speaker Pelosi does not like the video, maybe she should apologize for it. Considering Pelosi stated that ripping up the speech was the ‘the courteous thing to do – considering the alternatives,” she should be proud of her actions.

The Democrats are claiming that the video violates Twitter and Facebook policy, claiming that it is intentionally misleading. Incredibly ironic that the Democrats are complaining about a video being deceptively edited, considering nearly all the videos that they offered as evidence in President Trump’s impeachment trials were edited and taken out of context.

Perhaps instead, this video should be retweeted at Speaker Pelosi and every other Democratic Representative who has complained about its existence.

After all, these Democrats called the entire speech (which includes the parts where these people were honored) a complete lie, and even some liberal commentators (The View co-host Sunny Hostin) called the honored Tuskegee Airman a “political prop.”