Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

NEGATIVE NANCY: Pelosi in Hot Water After She Discounts Anti-Regime Protests in Iran


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s thirst for power has been the root of her constant spreading lies and misinformation for decades. Finally, due to an appearance in which she discounts the protesters against the horrid Iranian regime, the Twitterverse has started calling her out for her constant dissemination of fake news.

After President Obama, and his administration, refused to support protests in Iran and instead decided to negotiate with the world’s leading sponsor of terror, no one should be surprised by Speaker Pelosi’s statement. 


In this appearance, she states that the protests are mainly due to Iran mistakenly shooting down a commercial airliner. She goes on to say that there should be consequences for Iran for causing the loss of life due to the incident.

While the deaths that occurred due to the plane being shot down are horrible, Speaker Pelosi’s assertion that the protests are only in reaction to this is a lie. With this lie, Pelosi discounts the outrage at the estimated 1,500 people who were murdered by the regime from November-December of 2019.

Her dismissal of the reasons behind the protests only gives a murderous radical regime more soundbites to use in their national propaganda. The damage that Pelosi has caused by making such a stupid and uninformed statement, and making it as the leader of the Congress of the United States, is hard to calculate and is not reversible.

JARRETT: Pelosi’s Contempt for the Constitution Only Trumped by Her Thirst for Power

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  1. Perhaps the process of delivery of the Impeachment Articles to the Senate could be hastened by the Speaker of the Senate by simply filing a Writ of Certiori with the Chief Judge of US Supreme Court to turn over the articles forthwith, failing which same would be sumarily dismissed. This could be done in a day!

    Moreover, there would be nothing wrong with Senator McConnel conducting a Senate trial to hear testimony on the Biden debacle, plus whatever else he feels is relevant to the matter, including referal of the Biden’s video for criminal prosecution to the AG.

  2. Great article, Gregg! What is wrong with Pelosi? I believe she & certain other Dems do know what they are doing is so wrong! I believe that is evil.

  3. I hope President Trump and the “truthful media outlets play and post this day and night”!!! Along with her past miscalculated statements that completely contradict and prove that that Woman does and says “Nothing” that doesn’t make her feel like she is patronizing her base, it doesn’t matter if the statements shes making hold any truth to them whatsoever. It does not matter to what extent her statements will cause undue harm and stress to the People of this Great Nation, and it does not matter to “her”, BECAUSE SHES NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! Her leadership, HAA!!!, that’s laughable, has reduced this Congress to feckless rumbling about how too avoid being any hope of being any part of the most productive Congress alongside what is turning out to be one of the most productive Presidencies if not “Thee Most” in Our History!!! What a bunch of raving idiots!!! They couldve All Had Their Names In History for all time, but instead, they reduce their effectiveness to this… Do we think they’ve learned, missed, think differently now, about anything? Insanity in an infinite sense…

  4. The left has always been like this. Scream at the Republican Government but have no policies of their own. try to bring down Republican officials, while defending their own miscreants I.E. Bill Clinton. identify as black, gay, trans, native American, anything other than what they really are. Liars.

  5. I think she’s desperate, her son is involved in some bad things too, she’s scared that they are all fixing to fall like a house of cards, that’s why they have to get rid of the President.

  6. I don’t know why this rickety, unstable jolopy is still on the road. It should have been sold for scrap a long time ago.

  7. I cannot believe she is still allowed to be the Speaker of the House. The entire Democratic party has committed treason against the president not giving him any credit for what he has done over the past 3 years. The fake news media is unrelenting since the day he was elected into office. I cannot wait for the Sham to be over.

  8. why havent they arested her yet for treason

  9. I think that what we are seeing is the last gasp of a desperate Democrat party to get rid of Trump. They have nothing but it is all they have. When Trump wins in November and gains a Republican House majority as well, there will be nothing to stop him from draining the swamp. They are praying that the Republican never Trumpers in the Senate will allow them to re-open the impeachment for new witnesses and pray that it will somehow damage Trump enough for him to lose. Strange things happen in Washington…maybe the fix is already in.

  10. We need to pass another Constitution laws. One that give Senate the right to removed any House member who is helping the enemy of AMERICA. No matter which party involved. You against this country then you shall be removed and arrested for SEDITION AGAINST AMERICANS CITIZEN. Most of these Congress in the DEMONcrat HOUSE has turn their back on our military and country. Make you think during the founding fathers time how some people still support England. Not freedom and liberty! Today these DEMONcrat has been brain washed by Obama and his Muslim administration.

  11. Tehran Nancy Pelosi. Her and the Democrats side with the enemy against America. What a bunch of feckless losers!

  12. Has anyone ever stopped to consider that Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in line for the presidency under the constitution? All she has to do is take out the Prez and the VP and she’s in… Of course, hopefully if Trump WERE to be removed from office (which is highly unlikely!), Pence probably already has a VP in mind to name immediately…

    What bugs me is this: Even though she “represents” California, as Speaker of the House I tend to think that she represent ALL of us in that role. At least ONE thing about her in her Speaker role: She definitely likes to SPEAK!!!

  13. The dems and Pelosi will have their names go down in history as the most obstructive, biased house of reps ever.

  14. This woman is sick

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