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New York Times Attempts to Quietly Scrub Saying Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was  ‘Unsubstantiated’


On Monday the Federal Election Commission (FEC) concluded Twitter had not violated election laws when it purposely restricted a story about Hunter Biden from being circulated. The initial story was posted by the New York Post and exposed damning information about Hunter Biden which had allegedly been extracted from his laptop.

The New York Times is now in hot water for getting caught for having “quietly scrubbed the word ‘unsubstantiated’ from its report on the Hunter Biden laptop story after facing intense backlash” reports Fox news.

The New York Times foolishly claimed the Post’s reporting on Hunter was “unsubstantiated.” However, the Times made the far-fetched jump just because the FEC said Twitter did not violate FEC rules. The integrity of the Post’s article was never in question.

The Washington Examiner was astute enough to notice the Times’ report changed hours later, after having received backlash. Fox News Reports:

As flagged by The Washington Examiner, the Times’ report was given a significant facelift hours later with the help of technology reporter Kate Conger, who was added to the byline.

“When Twitter decided briefly last fall to block users from posting links to an article about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter, it prompted a conservative outcry that Big Tech was improperly aiding Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign,” the report now begins.

Besides an “updated” timestamp of “6:52 p.m. ET,” there was no editor’s note or correction made noting the small but significant change.

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