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NYC bodega worker arrested in fatal stabbing, but video appears to bolster self-defense claim

Self-defense or murder?

Only in the twisted world of a far-left progressive District Attorney Alvin Bragg can an innocent man be charged with murder for daring to defend himself while under attack by a violent ex-convict free on parole. No fair jury will convict the NYC bodega worker, as long as he can show that he was in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death. The videotape seems to corroborate it by depicting how the worker was being assaulted. It’s a classic case of self-defense and, hence, justifiable homicide.

It’s an abuse of prosecutorial and judicial power to keep Jose Alba locked up. Bragg had demanded half-a-million bail. Belatedly, it was reduced and he was set free. It was absurd for the DA to claim that Alba is a flight risk. He has a family here and a longstanding job and he’s an American citizen. If there’s a genuine concern that he might flee to his native Dominican Republic, the court could simply retain his passport at the outset. Bragg lets hard-core criminals and repeat offenders walk free each and every day, but a law abiding citizen gets jailed. Welcome to the insane world of New York City lawlessness and disorder where victims are criminals and criminals are victims.

The deceased obviously cannot be charged for assault and battery, but his girlfriend could and should be. She allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed Alba after her boyfriend attacked him. She instigated the assault by insisting that she should be able to buy things at the store without paying for them. But somehow, she’s also a victim? This is the epitome of soft-on-crime.