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NYC Economy Dying A Slow Death, But ‘Saturday Night Live’ Filming Continues Without COVID Restrictions


Bars, restaurants and businesses are shutting doors daily in New York City after being unable to survive COVID regulations. The government determines which businesses it deems essential to be allowed to stay open, while all “non-essential”  businesses are forced to remain closed or significantly limited. Somehow, all categories and standards were thrown out the window when it came to the comedy sketch show “Saturday Night Live.”

Donald Trump Jr brought light to the situation when he tweeted Saturday evening, “How is a failing sketch comedy show an ‘essential’ business but your families [sic] business or your employer’s business isn’t? The elite take care of their friends and you get to suffer.”

Trump Jr. retweeted entrepreneur Carol Roth’s post of a photo of actresses from the cast embracing, with the caption, “Just to be clear, this is ‘essential,’ but small businesses and their employees throughout NYC are not.” Social media warriors also noted the NBC show aired without the actors practicing the COVID-19 restrictions the rest of NYC is suppressed by.

“No masks. No social distancing” tweeted Ryan Saavedra. Tim Pool wrote, “Maybe at some point people will realize the elites don’t fear COVID at all, are exempt from lockdowns and are perpetrating the largest transfer of wealth in human history.” Well said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has supported Governor Cuomo’s shutdowns; “I feel tremendous empathy for restaurant owners…I feel for them, but sometimes it’s smart to say look, if you take an action now, you can stop much worse things from happening later,” said de Blasio. WABC reported indoor dining was only responsible for roughly 1.43 percent of the recent spread of the coronavirus.

Saturday Night Live is nothing more than the latest example of liberal elitists playing by their own rules. They have the luxury of having zero consequences for ignoring any impositions placed on their lives and livelihood.

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