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NYC holds ‘resource family fun day’ giving migrants health-care, school supplies and cell phones

Times Square Empty

If you need a hotel room in New York City you are likely out of luck; they are likely too expensive, or, they are at capacity with migrants being given free lodging. City Hall estimates over 4,000 migrants have arrived in NYC in just the past few weeks, and the city Department of Homeless Services told the city’s hotels to give rooms to the roughly 5,000 individuals.

Many migrants who illegally crossed the southern border have been placed onto buses and sent to cities such as New York and DC in order to ease the tumult bordering states suffer that comes with thousands of people crossing the border daily.

On Sunday, MetroPlusHealth co-sponsored an event with the city hospital system, offering at least temporary healthcare coverage for migrants. Many were also provided library cards and back-to-school supplies for their children, as the line to get into the event extended down the city block.

The New York Post also reported that Lincoln Hospital’s event in the Bronx not only gave out school supplies and health-care coverage, but even cell phones. The Post reports the event was deemed a “resource family fun day” for migrants who have arrived in the city recently.

One migrant from Venezuela arrived in the City on Friday, and attended the event “to get an ID and health insurance.”