President Barack Obama’s CIA Deputy Director Michael Morel and Retired Adm. James Winnefeld used their appearance on Face the Nation to criticize President Trump’s statement on the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Morel had issues with President Trump saying that the leader of the terrorist organization “died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.”

Deputy Director Michael Morel claimed that when the Obama Administration successfully killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, they went out of their way to not celebrate or boast about his demise. Mr. Morel is either letting his biases against President Trump distort his memory, or he is unaware of Vice President Biden’s favorite saying of the 2012 election “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

Retired Adm. James Winnefeld went on to say that the President’s remarks are possibly “sending a signal to some of his followers around the world that could cause them to lash out possibly more harshly.” Both CIA Deputy Director Michael Morel and Retired Adm. James Winnefeld fails to understand the reality that ISIS and al-Baghdadi’s followers are always going to lash out and try to attack innocent people. Retired Adm. James Winnefeld went on to criticize the way President Trump described having multiple body parts of the dead terrorist and decided to compare it to how they treated Osama bin Laden’s body with the respect and traditions of Islamic law.  


While CIA Deputy Director Michael Morel and Retired Adm. James Winnefeld are trying to claim the moral high ground to criticize President Trump, they fail to realize that the American people appreciate the way President Trump talked about al-Baghdadi who should always be referred to as a coward who deserves nothing but the worst epithets. President Obama called ISIS, one of the most brutal terror organizations, the JV team and he and his administration severely underestimated their barbarism. This underestimation led to the murder of countless people in the Middle East and the inspiration of terror attacks across the entire world.


It is absurd to assert that calling the ISIS leader a “whimpering” “crying” “dog” is what would make his followers lash out. The United States just killed al-Baghdadi; his followers will care much more about his loss than what any person involved calls him. Morel and Winnefeld were part of the leadership team who underestimated ISIS and allowed al-Baghdadi to come to power. They have no business commenting on the successes of President Trump in killing the ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi when they failed to do so and allowed his power to grow.

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  1. Obama’s CIA Deputy Criticizes Trump for Humiliating Dead Terrorist

    He’s dead. You cant embarrass a dead guy. You can however shame his buddies.

  2. Winnefeld is not allowed to criticize the president, retired or not, take away his commission, reduce him in rank, and take away his pension also…..

  3. Keep talking, helps us understanding who is who.

  4. These worms helped fund and create ISIS, hoping to topple Assad because they want a global government and Assad, although a dictator, is one who stands in the way. No wonder they’re on the side of the ISIS leader! They didn’t “underestimate” them, they created them!

  5. WaPo calling Al Baghdadi “austere religious Leader” is like calling Charles Manson “a club leader and motivational speaker”…do these Obama bootlickers realize how utterly ridiculous they sound to the rest of America? A couple of real boobs.

  6. That last statement says it perfectly. “They (Dems) have no business commenting on the successes of President Trump in killing the ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi when they failed to do so and allowed his power to grow.”

    Trump just told the truth of what he witnessed from remote viewing about Baghdadi’s cowardly death. How could anyone have sympathy for this monstrous animal who tortured and murdered thousands of innocent people and dragged his own little children in that tunnel and murdered them, too?!

  7. So Obama’s moronic minions are saying that it is a bad thing that we killed the world’s leading terrorist because we now may have made his followers mad? They weren’t mad before while they were killing innocents at will? That was their “happy face”?

    If Trump cured cancer the Left would take up for the rights of tumors to kill humans.

  8. Who cares what they say about their body parts? Look how they butcher people, cutting people’s heads off with a dull blade and using the sawing affect, they are animals and I’m glad he’s saying these things about them and all the people should after the way they treat humans they don’t like, especially Christians.

  9. Great analogy Torch!

  10. This is more humiliating to “Face the Nation” that they would even allow air time to this nonsense. These two nitwits should sit in a room with the families of the People who were beheaded on live video and tell them their grievances with the POTUS. Journalism and News media are so Shallow and have become “Reaction TV” in the Trump era. There is not one news media other than FOX News that reports NON-Opinion facts. As a viewer who relies on news channels to find out what is going on I am lost. I don’t mind some different perspectives or angles in getting the news but I certainly do NOT want someone’s or a media owner’s watered down jaded/tainted version of a news story just because it fits a narrative of smear to another human being. Trump is the President and he chose to characterize this major event in the way he saw fit which I’m sure thrilled the families of victims and other’s from other parts of the world that had befallen to this tyrant. Get over yourselves and the tone in which other people speak but more importantly leave it off the air. I for one am not interested in two Bozo’s opinion of how the story was told. Bottom line that madman is killed and not one person should care how, why or where it happened.

  11. They are part of the team that led to the creation of ISIS. This guy was an animal.

  12. Guess they forgot the people who were killed by ISIS, who were whimpering and crying and cringing as they saw beheading tools coming for them. Think about that you two asshats. Imagine their fear and terror and you want to use nice words to describe that madman?? WRONG..HE WAS A COWARD!! HE KILLED HIMSELF AND TOOK 3 INNOCENT CHILDREN WITH HIM. THAT IS COWARDLY!! ISIS IS COWARDLY. They hide behind masks (take note ANTIFA), do their dastardly deeds behind masks for fear they may be recognized somewhere and get jailed for those acts of cowardice and terror. Nope he died a coward, God will now be his judge. You two need to dig your heads out and start thinking about the ” feelings” of those left behind by these dastardly cowards who took the lives of their loved ones. I have no compassion for Baghdadi..none, nor his ilk.

  13. Tyrants and terrorists are fearful of and respect only one thing: power, or brute force. Their idealism is rooted in their own lust for total domination. Their methods are murderous, whether toward their own or toward us, their enemies. While we mourn such evil, if we don’t answer it with eyes wide open and strong action, they may win. We can prevail without becoming like them. But compassion and pity won’t rule the day for us. We can protect our fellow countrymen and women with strength and not compromise our love of peace and freedom. We must put fear in the enemy to protect ourselves.

  14. I have served in that part of the world, what should have the body parts is placed in bucket of pig guts and filmed for world wide tv.

  15. Non-relevancy to a fault. Next!

  16. I was unaware that the dead could be humiliated. Pointing out what a whimpering coward this terrorist was is simply stating an undeniable fact.

  17. Obama’s ex-administration officials don’t have any room to be critical of Trump. Obama’s presidency is arguably the worst in the history of our country. Plus, there is the reality that Obama and his minons attempted to remove Trump as a candidate and President from office. A growing number of Americans believe Obama should be investigated and tried for sedition as he was involved in the biggest attempted coup in our country’s History.

  18. Well said! One America News or is a good source of unopiniated news. They have two that are opinionated other than that, you get news from all around the world. Very informative.

  19. Do THESE morons think ANYONE cares? Thier opinions are as worthless to the rest of us as thier failed POLICY. EVERY SINGLE IDIOT in Obama, CLINTON, KERRY, McCain, Bush & Carter admins were abysmal as FOREIGN POLICY makers. And ONLY succeeded in DESTROYING other countries & our image around the globe. The CLOWNS are the main REASON other people hate America. For the FIRST time in a generation America is becoming respected AGAIN !!!

  20. He said we should debate? Whenever you try and debate them, they say you are a racist, homophobe, etc, etc.
    Ya, debate, sure.

  21. I agree more of the cowards should be took down. And people in our country who feel sorry for them need to go away for ever find you another country because you not wanted here.

  22. DemovRATs are trying to destroy that respect Trump has earned. Specially the California idiots that the State sends. Nacy Polution, Camel Harris et al.

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