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Ocasio-Cortez Baselessly Accuses Nebraska Governor of Being ‘Racist’ In Vaccine Roll-Out


Another day, another opportunity for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to shamelessly call someone a racist. AOC determined that Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is a racist for making sure all U.S. citizens in his state receive the COVID-19 vaccine before illegal immigrants.

“Imagine being so racist that you go out of your way to ensure that the people who prepare *your* food are unvaccinated,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter, responding to a video clip of Rickett’s remarks. While speaking at a press conference, Ricketts addressed the vaccine roll out and meatpacking plants.

Meatpacking workers, along with utility workers, educators and others, are to receive the vaccine in the state’s phase 1B. “Illegal immigrants are not permitted to work in those facilities, so I don’t think that will be a problem,” Ricketts said of illegal immigrants possibly receiving the vaccine ahead of citizens. “Again, you’re supposed to be a legal resident of the country to be able to be working in those plants so I do not expect that illegal immigrants will be part of the vaccine with that program” Ricketts added.

Nebraska is still in Phase 1A, during which 36,000 frontline workers have received vaccines. Phase 1B should begin later in January. According to the Migration Policy Institute, at least 14% of meatpacking workers in Nebraska are undocumented workers. Naturally, Ocasio-Cortez conveniently twisted the Governor’s words.

Governor Ricketts said “illegal immigrants are not permitted to work in those facilities” such as meatpacking plants. Ocasio-Cortez miraculously found words somewhere which she believes justifies calling him a racist, claiming he “went out of” his way to “ensure” that undocumented workers do not get vaccinated. Proving once again, liberals turn to slander and vicious name-calling when there are no facts to help out their case.

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