‘Our Goal Is To Get Trump Out’ Admits Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Who Is A ‘Trained Marxist’

Patrisse Cullors

‘No Justice, No Peace’ has been ringing in the streets throughout the United States since the murder of George Floyd just a few short weeks ago. A phrase that has been used for decades in protests, there are those who truly want justice and therefore, peace. However, the founders of Black Lives Matter, the group that has emerged in recent years, admits their agenda is much simpler than wanting justice for African Americans.

Speaking to The Real News Now, one of BLM’s co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, admitted “we are trained Marxists.” That sounds like there’s more to this group than hope for racial equality. Never in history has Marxism, socialism, and/or communism turned violence, inequality and poverty into peace, equality, and economic prosperity?

When asked to respond to concerns that Black Lives Matter could “fizzle out” due to a “lack of ideological direction,” Cullors assured her interviewer BLM does indeed have direction; “we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers, we are trained Marxists. We are super versed in ideological theories.”

On Friday, also known as Juneteenth, Cullors gave more insight into her movement. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Cullors was asked, “how do you think Biden matches up compared to President Trump when it comes to these issues that are important to you?” “Well, um, hands down, Trump not only needs to not be in office in November, but he should resign now. Trump needs to be out of office, he is not fit for office” answered Cullors.

Trained Marxists who want to get President Trump out of office? Do those protesting who actually do want the noble notion of justice and peace understand the true agenda of the organizers? “What we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out,” said Cullors, “while we’re also going to continue to push and pressure vice president Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization.” But wait, there’s more: while, “that’s going to be important,” Cullors acknowledges, “our goal is to get Trump out.”


  1. Patrisse, you will reap what you sew. Repent! Repent!

  2. I am so tired of the “TRUMP” HATRED! These same people that are so screaming about George Floyd, which was and is horrendous, Completely refuse to talk about the violence (102 shot, 5 minors, 3 minors dead including a 3yr old) in Chicago over the weekend! There is a problem, but the biggest problem the RADICAL LEFT OR ANTIFA OR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NOT ADDRESSING!

  3. Marxism is an agenda being pushed. If they would even succeed at removing Trump (and they won’t succeed) they will the try to bully the next guy to press for their Marxist ideal of an agenda. Trump is a bigger threat to them…is why they want him out. He actually thinks for himself. They don’t know quite how to deal with folks that can think for themselves…and therefore he encourages the rest of the nation…all colors to think for themselves and not kowtow to these brazen agendas.

  4. “no justice no peace” YOU GOT JUSTICE, all 4 of the officers are in jail.

  5. 9-26-2016 (0300) Cultural Marxism plied by TOTALITARIANS has infested our country, democratic socialist/communist, young people I.E. SENSITIVE LITTLE SNOWFLAKES and far too many young ‘men’ have been completely emasculated in the process. REMEMBER; it is part of the long term plan.
    ~Michael Slavin Sr.~

    *yet more simple thought(s) that turned into a dissertation* Please read it to the end, my hope is that you find it time well spent.

    Unfortunately Cultural Marxism has metastasized across a wide swath of our country, where inner cities, college students, young people and especially young minorities, are easy prey.

    Marxism speaks mostly to the non-thinking, emotionally driven psyche of its victims. Why?

    Because it is far easier to lash out emotionally when these hot button issues are pushed by the puppet master Marxist overlords that infest the upper echelon of politics, the media and the entertainment industry.

    Because it is far easier through blind emotion to revert back to the inner Neanderthal that resides deep in ones DNA, than it is to question the validity of what is being spoon fed to them. It is much easier to break everything down to good vs evil, and protest and chant with like ‘minded’ group think hordes.

    Because first impressions and/or opinions leave a lasting mark, especially when emotion was the trigger. This makes it far more difficult for logic and facts to erase, regardless if the original information was imparted with facts or falsehoods.

    More importantly it is far easier to be part of a group that supports that which you feel, a group which constantly reaffirms and reassures you that you are part of a like-minded collective, than it is to stand alone on your morals and convictions.

    You see critical cognitive thinking requires work, it requires an effort be made to quantify your solutions to the facts as they are and not as the group would lead you to believe.

    But in this day and age, most do not realize that those designations are being identified for them, not by them. They allow “our employees” (politicians) to place labels upon them which do not strengthen them, but weaken them by division.

    Our employees use this division to their own advantage by pitting Americans against one another and in the ensuing fog of the war of words and with the chaos and strife of riots/protests, our employees are then given the cover they need to do that which they please that most benefit themselves, while short-changing the citizens (their BOSSES) they “SWORE” to serve.

    The ONLY thing that will free these people is if they would simply take a step back and take a few minutes of their “valuable time,” and think.

    Take a look around at all of the chaos and strife and bloodletting here and around the world that has increased exponentially in NObamas tenure as POTUS and THINK.

    The pieces of the puzzle are there if anyone wants to make the effort to put them together and simply open their eyes.

    ANYONE that uses their critical thinking skills CANNOT deny that this UBER PC (number one tool of the devout marxist) lunacy has been culpable for the aforementioned damage.

    The seeds of Marxism were laid in our colleges and universities shortly after the end of WWII. The communist Russians KNEW they could not defeat our military, economy/manufacturing in a head to head battle.

    So, they did the next best thing, they got inside the “mush like sponge brains” of students. They knew it would take time for those seeds to come to fruition, but the payoff would be worth the wait.

    THIS is how secularists/Marxist/socialist/despotic/Totalitarian regimes start chipping away at the pillars (traditional family and religion) of a strong and vibrant Republic/nation. They always first attempt to sever the roots of religion and the traditional family unit. This has been the modus operandi of all despots/totalitarians/Marxist/fascist regimes since the late 1700’s.

    This blue print has been in place since Louie the XVI capitulated and was over-run by the mindless, easily worked into a frenzy, emotionally driven ravenous mobs (which led to his head and 1000’s of other heads to be chopped off) at the beginning of the “infamous” French Revolution.

    Got traditional family?

    Its lack of parenting and having children come into the world with a mother and the lack of a father in their lives which starts those young lives on the wrong foot.

    And the substitute for the fathers?

    The government.

    Ever since LBJ introduced the ‘great society’ plan, government slowly began to replace the father as the primary bread winner.

    The government basically gave carte blanche to women to have children without the need of a male in their lives and the government would pay for it.

    My suggestion to parents, DO NOT LET THE STATE raise your child. It is YOUR responsibility to instill values, religion and pride in their heritage in your home/family environment.

    We have far too many “children raising children,” I.E. those that want to be friends first and maybe parents second and that ruinous fact is evident in real time with these self-absorbed, self-important, sensitive little snowflakes called millennials.

    Got religion?

    It has become abundantly clear that as God has been pushed out of our young people’s lives our country has become more vulnerable to those forces that look to control their minds.

    Take a look around at the drastically eroding morals in our everyday lives through the “cult of personality” and modern technology. For decades our younger people have been bombarded with anti-religious entities and sadly it shows.

    In the eyes of the media, the counterculture won. As a society, we no longer celebrate the good things in America.

    The heroes of yesteryear are as hard to find as the use of the word “yesteryear.” Valiant soldiers, astronauts, police officers and more have been torn down, criticized and destroyed by the keepers of our pop culture.

    Replacing them are street thug rappers, clueless athletes and brainless Hollywood stars.


    Start living your own lives and stop living vicariously through the “so-called” celebrities. These ‘entertainers’ don’t give a hoot about you or your future for it is their celebrity they covet, along with “your money.”

    An important part of the formula to cure the disease/cancer that is Marxism (via cultural Marxism), is to quite simply label ourselves, every one of us Americans!

    Only then will we be able to bridge the crevasse that exists between us.

    Only then will we be able to come together as one people and set upon a plan which will turn our country/republic away from the abyss of irrelevancy.

    If we are able to achieve even a small semblance of that which made our republic both possible and great, we very well may be able to save the futures of our children and grandchildren.

    May God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

    *DISCLAIMER* When I write I NEVER mean that EVERYONE of any group/age/ethnicity is included. I would never stereotype like that, though it does mean that enough are IMHO (in my humble opinion) affected that it is worth putting thought to keystroke.

  6. Patrisse should go and live in Iran, China, the Soviet Union or Venezuela and see how she like it there. America does not want to have Marxists running the country. America is a great nation based on democracy. So peddle your wares somewhere else. Communism doesn’t work and hasn’t worked throughout history. She would know that if she knew her history and had any sense.

  7. go click on the donate button of the black lives matter website.. it leads you to a DNC platform donation site… they don’t care about black lives, they care about taking out trump to save a bunch of old white guys asses.

  8. Patrisse, we just want to get rid of you… get you out of America. You are so full of hate, but it can’t be all about President Trump. Your anger could be a result of a bad childhood! You think your misery is caused by the white people, when it’s not the white that hurt you… could it be your jealousy of the white person. As long as you are a Democrat, you will be expecting something that was promised to you by your representative, but you will never receive. How can you stand being so angry everyday?

  9. Cancer if not caught in time will grow and will be too late to survive death!!! Communism is no different. If our government does not take firm stand against these lunatics our freedom will die same as a cancer growth!! Perhaps one of the weak points of our Constitution is the freedom of speech because it allows virus like this lunatic Patrisse to organize and promote her virus to the uneducated morons .The Bolshevik revolution established communism in Russia back in the early 1900. The citizens of Russia along with all the citizens of Eastern Europe suffered under the domination of communism/socialism for over 70 years and did nothing for its people. Eventually in the 1980’s the yoke of misery was broken and today Eastern Europe is flourishing!!!! Russia under Putin the communist butcher is suffering!!! Sir Winston Churchill said it best: THE MAIN VICE OF COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM IS THE EVEN DISTRIBUTION OF MISERY!!!

    Everyone needs to DEMAND that our AG BARR file charges against these CRIMINALS. Write to him in care of our Greatest President: @realDonaldTrump GO! KAG 2020 133 DAYS

  11. Satan & his Kissinger-chimps.

  12. They Presume that they will turn the U.S. into a utopia Paradise, running presumptuously the Country believing that it won’t turn into those other Countries.
    They want a Democrats in Office, including Congress and Senate, cause they believe and which up towards the 100% that it will happen.

  13. All you say is true but sad that more American don’t understand this. Back in 1959 the Soviet Prime Minister of Russia said during an address to the United Nation “Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept communism out right; but, we will feed it to you in small doses of socialism until you finnally wake up and find your already have communist. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until you fall like an overripe fruit into our hands. Your democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not work. NOW LOOk WHERE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS TRYING TO TAKE US and remember this in November when you vote. who is really lookin out for us and our safty.???

  14. Wendynix I understand how you fell when you say if your not happy living in America go somewhere else. The problem is with the Liberal Democrat party is they have already adopted the socialist communist ways and are trying to destroy are way of life by following Saul Alinski teaching of the 9 ways to destroy our government and turn it into a socialist communist country. the 9 ways are 1. control health care 2. increase Proverty 3.Increase Debt 4.Gun control 5. Welfare includes (Food, Housing, Income) 6.Education take control of what people read and what is taught to our children, you know teach them liberalism communism and no pride in America. 7.Religion take God out of America and let them believe in big government to take care of them. 8. Class Warefare Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor and eliminate the middle class. 9. Control the MEDIA by spreading lies and fake news to further divide the people. This is just a quick review of what Hillary Clinton learned and tried to teach her democrat party but to learn more about each of the 9 steps read Saul Alinski 9 steps and remember the democrat party is already using 6 of these steps.

  15. Because they are the problem

  16. She can repent in Jail along with those who follow her

  17. I got news for her…Justice is coming for her. This girl and her compatriots are going to jail. No one worth a damn will care either.

  18. the Marines,air force will need to called in the days after the election. All these people,and the lib snowflakes are going to do crazy lose it for sure. Pres. needs to build some detention parks. The riots happening now are tiny.

  19. Their objective is to tear America down and seize it for them selves and their owners, Patrisse is just a pawn for the real evil, They don’t usually show their faces. They are afraid of being physically attacked.

  20. BLM is nothing more than a bunch of losers who pretend they are “African”, Losers who for the most part have never been to Africa and again for the most part will never go to Africa. To the Blacks in Africa they are nothing more than Back Americans and not their “Brothers or Sisters”! They are nothing more than a bunch of losers who want to blame others for the fact that they are losers and “Their Lives Don’t Matter and Never Will Matter!” their Lives are meaningless! They are what they are A Joke!

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