Patient Zero’ Could Be 57-Year-Old Woman Who Sold Live Shrimp in Wuhan Market



OVID-19’s patient zero may have been identified. Albeit hesitant to take any information coming out of China with more than a grain of salt, new information may give insight into the beginning of the virus believed to have “jumped” from humans to bats. The Wall Street Journal identified a 57-year old woman who is a seafood merchant at Wuhan’s Huanan market where the virus appears to have started, as the first person to test positive. The woman, Wei Guixian, sold live shrimps, and started to feel sick December 10t.h.

A mere “eight days later, the 57-year-old was barely conscious in a hospital bed, one of the first suspected cases in a coronavirus epidemic that has paralyzed China and gripped the global economy” reported the Journal.

Chinese news outlet The Paper released an interview with the woman in which she described her journey surviving the virus. “I felt a bit tired, but not as tired as previous years…I thought it was the flu” she explained. However, eight days later she was barely conscious. “The doctor at The Eleventh Hospital could not figure out what was wrong with me and gave me pills,” she said.

Wei continued to get worse and went to another larger hospital, the Wuhan Union Hospital, where a doctor “described her illness as ‘ruthless’ and told her that several other people from Huanan had already come in with similar symptoms.” Once doctors made the connection between the virus and the seafood market in late December, Wei was quarantined.

A statement from the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on December 31st declared Wei was amongst the first 27 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and one of the 24 cases that had direct Huanan Market links. Wei has recovered and believes she may have been infected from a market toilet that was shared with wild meat sellers. Wei believes if the Chinese government had publicly confirmed the outbreak earlier than January, “a lot fewer people would have died.”

South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese government has identified 266 people who had medical care for the infection at some point in 2019 indicating Wei could be “patient zero” but certainty is not guaranteed.


  1. I will continue to believe China intentionally did this

  2. If you notice all the Sanctuary Cities in America and with a Large numbers of Homeless plus Immigrants like Nigeria and Congo are now showing higher numbers of Coronavirus spreading! Don’t it make sense to QUARANTINE All Immigrants for 2 wks coming into America from this moment on ? Notice all these Virus and Measles and other infectious diseases showed up about 10 to 15 yrs ago, this didn’t start in America until the last wave of Immigrants started flooding in during Bush and Obama yrs? I am just wondering if these people Africa and Asia could be carrying around a Virus and they themselves be Immuned to it ,because they are from Areas that eat Bats and other Animals that carry the disease?.

  3. Absolutely correct, and they purposely sent people to other parts of the US, especially to the US. They are giddy with pure pleasure over this, and if this doesn’t kill off the US and allow them to gain financial control of the world economy, they have learned to develop more of the same.

  4. Me too!! Toilet my foot!

  5. I live in NYC…the hospital that is overwhelmed with covid is in a part of queens where you will find the majority of illegals. They were already having shortages of masks, gowns etc..before the pandemic. Everything comes full circle.The mayor and governor put out the welcome mat for the illegals and now here we are….they are eating up our resources

  6. I thought last week they were blaming American soldiers!!!

  7. they’ve ALWAYS eaten up our resources. Schools, housing, hospitals, jails. And AOC wants to attract even more by insisting they get a coronavirus $1200 check too (plus $409 PER kid)!

  8. I hate to be the one to tell you, but the picture with this story shows Korean writing, not Chinese.

  9. There have been reports that corona was first observed in china in november.
    This article said Dec 10.
    Early december US officials met with china liars and were lied to.

    This patient zero story sounds like chicom propaganda.

  10. I will continue to believe they made it in their Wuhan lab.

  11. The governor did NOT order 15,000 ventilators he was supposed to buy in 2015. Thank cuomo New York.

  12. I will continue to believe that it was stolen from the Canadian lab and released intentionally in an act of vengeance/terrorism by Falun Gong or Uighur Muslims.

  13. Yes, I noticed the symbols looked different. Thanks for pointing that out. GJ needs to update this article with an appropriate photo.

  14. This is interesting… but that photo is Korean… Anyone who continues to believe China did this on purpose… is nuts. Whacko conspiracy theorists… China does lots of crazy stuff… but settle down… This kind of thing happens all the time. This one is just significantly bad. You all need to read Spillover, Animal Infections and the Next Pandemic by David Quammen.

  15. Patient Zero was a Wuhan Virology P4 Lab researcher.

  16. Possible.

    Except for the “principles” (maybe, some intelligence services), I don’t think we’ll ever know.

    However, this is a good STRESS TEST and humans all around the globe should LEARN A LOT FROM THIS and RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO HAVE A “SHORT MEMORY”.

  17. they were.

  18. I believe nothing is out of the question. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the democrats were involved in some way. Those skunks have been working on getting rid of trump for 4 years now. They have been publicly hoping for a economy crash to take down Trump. Now their wish has come true.

  19. Cant get past the first couple of paragraphs. The line ”
    the virus believed to have “jumped” from humans to bats.”must have got past the copy editor. It did not “jump” from Humans to Bats and even if it did, that would not be the story we are reading about. If you said it “Jumped” from bats to humans, that would make sense……

  20. Also, based on the rate of evolution in the virus – Itialian researchers say it ‘Jumped’ from bats to Humans in late October / early November . Also, Chinese sources themselves state that the weird increase in pneumonia related sickness as it was first thought started in Wuhan in late November and was identified by mid December so the info in this story cant be right….

  21. Gregg Jarrett should be ashamed of this article. I realize that he might not have written said article. Click bait and not accurate.

  22. Do some homework before you publish an article. The photograph is taken from a Korean market.

  23. not fully. you are correct about Nov being more accurate start of it.

    WSJ did a shite job w/ the article.

  24. It is better to have foreign visitors get sick out of the country then in China.
    Go home and get sick. It is very hard to keep people who are not Chinese lock up in a lock down.

  25. The Super secret class 4 biolab just outside Wuhan studies these viruses. A week after global word was made of the coronavirus outbreak, a Chinese government agencies ordered all Biolabs to upgrade there security. This in itself is curious. Whether this was released on purpose or by mistake, we will never know. Epidemiologist have determined though, the virus did not originate in an open market, it was brought there, then it went then out again. There were country wide festivals ongoing at the time of the outbreak, but the government placed no restricts on any in country or global travel. If they had done this and announced the beginnings of the outbreak help would have been given to stem the spread and we would not be in this situation. This story should be taken with a grain of salt.

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