Pelosi Lies Again – Didn’t Plan to Rip Up SOTU

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t this point, if Speaker Pelosi’s mouth is moving, it is highly likely she is lying. Case in point during an appearance on CNN with Christiane Amanpour when Pelosi stated that her ripping up the copy of the State of the Union address was not planned.

Considering there are videos of her pre-ripping the papers soon after she received them, it would seem that #PettyPelosi is stretching the truth. The Speaker’s assertion that she is simply a speed reader not credible or believable. For instance, she famously explained to the American people that in order to know what is in the disastrous Obama healthcare bill she needed to pass the bill. If Pelosi was such a proficient speed reader, she should have been able to give some policy information to the American people before its passage.

The most absurd claim is that the small rips in the pages were not to allow her to tear the SOTU speech more easily, but, rather were her version of earmarking things she disagreed with. If that were the case, wouldn’t she have left out the pages where President Trump honored a Tuskegee Airman, a military veteran that was returning home, and others?

Speaker Pelosi, if you are going to lie, at least try to make it believable.


  1. He has been acquitted. There were plenty of documents and statements from hearsay witnesses that was NOT evidence of any “criminal” QPQ. It was evidence that it was nothing more than a lie. As far as I know, the laws of due process and innocent until proven guilty have not changed in the real world….BUT the House is not part of the real world and everything they do is the direct opposite of legalities.

  2. Don’t believe your lying eyes.



  5. SCHIFF is NOTHING but a LIAR and a LEAKER and a SLIMY LITTLE WEASEL who thinks he is ABOVE THE LAW. After watching him speak, it made me feel like wanting to speak up and call him a liar to his face. He is a DESPICABLE person and should be ASHAMED of himself and censured by CONGRESS for his “blatant lies”.

  6. It’s safe to say that Peloser and her minions lie as easily as anything and, in fact, if the truth escaped their lips they would spontaneously combust! Of course nasty nan knew she was going to create drama by tearing up her copy of the SOTU, that is how small of a person she is. Her clan in white were prepared to cheer her actions, you don’t really think they were all looking her way by coincidence do you? Nans days are numbered as the radical squatters have taken over the dimm party and they don’t seem to be relenting any time soon, not ever!

  7. She is as full of manure as is the streets near her gated home

  8. Democrats LIE all the time. Everything they say is a LIE. Such evil and hate in a group.

  9. If Nancy is breathing, she is lying!

  10. She just keeps lying..The woman pre-ripped the speech so she could look tough at the end all smug and laughing at one point..She planned it,lots of dems were talking about her doing just that 2 weeks before the SOTU…Shut up and stop lying Swamp Donkey,

  11. Pelosi lives in an alternate universe.

  12. Well said Bob!!

  13. DemonRats no longer can distinguish a lie from the truth ?..They are no longer fit to hold Office…

  14. Does she think that the American people are that stupid! You can see that the paper was pre-torn ! That’s what the Democrats do when they find themselves in trouble they lie!!

  15. That is a blatant lie as it was clear she pre tore some of them. she is a liar but then again not the first time .

  16. What a stupid woman. This is her legacy and a fulfillment of all her years of doing nothing but getting rich off the taxpayers, while her district is a nasty shame.

  17. At some point her family should do an intervention. She is really going off the rails. Did you notice how she kept looking over to the democrat side of the chamber during the speech. It’s like she needed ques on what to do and not do. It’s really getting sad. I hope she isn’t one of those politicians that holds on until they die in office… I mean really. That isn’t what government is about. You are elected to serve, not to be served, but they forget after a while and begin to enjoy the “royalty” status our politicians have somehow gained for themselves. When they finally fall, they will fall hard and all the kings men and all the kings horses… we WILL be free again one day!

  18. I mentioned that Nancy and the democrats were hoping to get witnesses not to win but to drag this out up to or close to the election. They figured when Hillary Clinton was charged she lost votes so they hoped it would do the same to Trump. A couple big no massive problems Hillary was voted by the propaganda machine aka the main stream medias polls as the most hated politician to ever run for and office. Hillary may walk around and say she was found not guilty that’s a bold face lie she was actually found guilty of dozens of felonies ! Here’s what happened and what they wanted the public to believe. A career politician, a lawyer for over 30 years, and ex-state senator and then secretary of state was to stupid to know she broke the law ! Go ahead google Men’s Rea that is what it means in Laymen’s terms. No one bought that but Nancy and Schumer talking about protecting the law and elections thought okay we believe this she was to stupid to know she broke the law. She will go down as the worse secretary of state in American history. Then they say hey lets promote her to the highest job in the country ! There is absolutely no realistic example I can compare this to I don’t know you almost bankrupt your company and instead of firing you they make you the CEO ! That help? The DNC was rigged by Nancy and Debbie Schultz more felonies again still no one arrested for a crime even CNN admits Hillary did it now because hey know no one is going to do anything. Trump is not accused of one crime and his popularity rate is higher than Obamas was in his 3rd year ! The republicans say okay lets secure our elections everyone must have and ID to vote the democrats say NO its racist. Wait there’s more starting this October 2020 if you want to get a passport, go on a plane or enter a federal building where these politicians work you need a “real ID” ! That’s what its called a drivers license will not work you have to get a special drivers license or picture idea called the Real Id. You see its not racist to beef up the security on who can enter a federal building were politicians work but it is to vote !? How are illegal immigrants going to get welfare or social security there is absolutely no way they can get a real ID ! Honestly I don’t care if you support Trump or not if you say you can not see the hypocrisy and the irony in this then you are one of those kids who ate lead paint when you were little. Wake up Trump said to the democrats vote for me what do you have to lose at that time worse economy since the great depression. Anyone who had been working for years lost their 401K’s which was totally avoidable this was caused by the democrats Franny Mae and Freddie Mac program and the republicans warn them this would happen. What do these groups have in common the tea party, the one percenters, occupy wall street, BlackLivesMatter, bluelivesmatter, Antifa etc.. They all started under Obama and the democrats administration people were not happy they were mad as hell. Now the democrats are lying and trying to buy your vote with another bail out worse than the last. First the president can not forgive student loans or force politicians to use the insurance they pick once again the president does not have that power. Congress has more power than the president so when you hear complaints about illegals, the education system, etc.. These are all examples of how bad that congress is doing because they are not the presidents job and congress would block anything he tried. Last but not least the other bail out they are promising Free Medicare for all ! Every expert despite Bernie saying they can’t tell you when it will run out actually yes they can its simple math ! The experts say Medicare at best will go broke in 5 years but with including all the illegals its more like 2 years. Unlike the banking bail out the banks don’t have to pay this back so the whole bail out goes on the citizens still wonder why Socialism has never worked. Just to keep Medicare going for 2 more years after that gas will have to go to $10 a gallon our taxes will have to increase by 30 to 40% we will not just fall back into another recession we will end up in another great depression these are facts not opinions. Okay so you have a choice that or 4 more years of Trump really those are your only choices the democrats have not got one decent candidate with a platform at all. Under Trump the new China trade deal will be signed and our farmers will see 10 times the orders they have ever seen the greatest thing ever to happen to farmers. Our steel workers and coal workers will all be back to work and our economy will rise to a level we have only dreamed of. MSNBC made fun of Trump because they said his 10 year deal to get rid of the deficit will not work. They are right thanks to Nancy sitting on the USMCA deal for a year and the China deal being put off until the end of this year. The republicans had to change their numbers it now will take 15 years to wipe out $20 trillion dollars the democrats built up in debt. Yes I said the democrats because Obama spent more than the last 10 presidents combined and most of that money was given away. Trump also changed how we send troops to and area they pay the cost of the troops no more adding to our debt protecting a country that has the means to pay for it. We spent $100 million dollars to take Kuwait back from the Iranians Kuwait is one of the richest countries without us they don’t have a country Trump says sure we will help out but you will pay you fair share. All of these things the trade deals etc.. Will keep helping this country long after Trump leaves office in 2025 so even if a democrat wins in 2025 they will take over a stable and thriving economy and the American dream of owning a home becomes a reality for our children. I always say a lot of people hate their boss but without that boss that company goes under. You may not like Trump but you need Trump like my dad used to say don’t tell me show me the democrats showed us a recession and Trump is showing us success that just keeps growing. Lets let him fix it remember a rich country can do more to help those in need than a broke one. Also the people won’t get mad passing some of the liberals and democrats special programs if we don’t have to raise taxes or cut something else that’s what a successful country can do so VOTE TRUMP 2020

  19. the devil made her do it.

  20. not planned ??all during the speech she was slightly ripping it so she could made a grand on cor when the speech ended she is a lair of the highest kind…just like she says Trump will always be impeached but get this Pelosi you will be remembered for being the worst speaker of the house in all history…

  21. Russians?

  22. It was an accident 🙊

  23. I think she does . These Democrats think they are messiahs.

  24. Polosi is worth over 700 million dollars. Her legacy is protecting infanticide. She is the devil’s hero.

  25. That, too.

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