Pelosi Shrugs Off Mobs, ‘People Will Do What They Do’ Tells Young People Everything We Do is ‘About You’



emocrats around the country have cowered to the mob mentality and violent eruptions in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing. Democrats need these anti-government anarchists and socialists to vote for them, so they either keep their mouths shut or in some cases, even praise them, such as the case with the Seattle mayor at the inception of the CHAZ zone.

Then you have a whole other category of dangerous leadership: Pelosi. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) literally shrugged at the mention of violent protesters. “People will do what they do,” Pelosi answered when asked about the destruction of statues such as that of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore.

Pelosi followed up with, “I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.” Come again? That comment is reminiscent of a Biden gaffe. People can’t argue with you if they are left scratching their heads trying to figure out what on earth you’re talking about.

As the discussion continued around rioters tearing down historical figures Pelosi added more nonsensical opinions. “Heroic figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln would ‘want us to be talking about the future,’ saying that when young people visit the Capitol she tells them, ‘Everything we do here is about you” reported the Washington Free Beacon.

For Pelosi to tell young people “everything we do here is about you” feeds into the dangerous psychology that they run the country regardless of their merit or job experience. It feeds into the notion that with absolutely zero understanding of how taxes, national security, and government works, they nonetheless hold the power.

Pelosi’s words are exactly why the riots and protests turned deadly. The young thugs that violently took to the streets believe they are the “future” and believe the government fears and needs them, so they hold the power. Pelosi and her cohorts allowing the violence and destruction of property and telling them everything they do is about them confirms just that.


  1. Pelosi is the poster girl for degenerate lying political scumbags everywhere, in other words she’s a Democrat.

  2. When you look at how peaceful the world used to be and how demented it is now – what we are seeing is what a world without God looks like. In other words a preview of Hell.

  3. Pelosi, 80 yrs old still trying to Rule America like the Italian Mobster her Father was! How do you get Rid of these people that’s useless to our Government? This Old Hag is what is wrong with our Country!

  4. It seems Nancy has forgotten/discarded maybe, the Founding Fathers and their plans for this great land! Forgets to tell youth that the reason our lawmakers are able to do their jobs is because of those Christian men who fought for, debated over, carefully drafted important documents, to guide in decision making! Those same men fought so that we would be a free republic, used Biblical ideals throughout what they wrote and did. High minded, men of great resolve!! Highly deserving to have statues stand proudly to remind us of where we came!! Nancy’s loyalty not seeming to lie with our Founders or the people who stil believe in the Rule of Law or Constitution, etc.She has crossed over to the DARK side!!

  5. Well said. I’m so sick and tired of all this. Someone needs to get some balls or a backbone and stand up to these idiots. Namely Republicans.

  6. She needs to make her tax returns public so we can find out how she got so rich as a public servant.

  7. She is just an old senile racist that is the progeny of a father that was well involved in the Mafia. Her maiden name was DeLassandro. How people get to be 80 in govt is beyond me. She just babbles just like my grandma in the nursing home currently.

  8. Pelosi Plans Bill to Limit Pardons in Wake of Stone Commutation does that mean if hillary or omar goes to jail or any democrats they should not get a pardon wow

  9. “I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.” Thank You Nancy, that actually says quite a lot about you. That you don’t have any sentiment towards the past, aka ‘History’, or hold someone important to you, who should be. And if you have that lack of caring about your grandmother you sure as heck wouldn’t care about our Founding Fathers from 244 years ago.
    So thanks for sharing, ‘Nan’. You can now RESIGN from congress any time you feel like it. And THAT, Americans DO care a lot about.

  10. What a load of pooh is found here. EEEW!!!!! I need t go wash up. Reading this rag made me feel soiled by it.

  11. You said a mouthful, Honey! The reason she stays in office is because she has more money than the rest of the House members put together!! The Dems need to do something right for a change – get rid of this old biddy!

  12. The double standard of the leftist/socialists is beyond despicable. If just a handful of Trump supporters set one building on fire, it would be front and center on all mainstream media outlets, with the narrative that ‘see, this is what Trump supporters do….and it’s all Trump’s fault”. The fully entitled left wing roving mobs of criminal rioters and looters on the other hand, are just having a ‘love fest’. Sure, they are causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to private and public property, and of course they have had to kill a few cops and other people along the way but hey…..this is the liberal base…they are ‘just doing what they do’. The drunken Pelosi and the rest of the socialists/communists just smile, because the mobs are doing the same thing they want to do. Anyone else see how Tim Walz, the leftist governor of Minnesota asked Trump to have the federal government send him $500 million dollars to pay for the left’s base ‘just doing what they do’, while Walz sat back and told the police to ‘stand down’, and let the aggrieved criminals destroy the city? And now of course, wants the taxpayers to pay for the clean up.

  13. There is definitely something mentally wrong with this woman. I really don’t say this to be mean, but we don’t let people drive anymore once dementia sets in why or how can we let them hold an office making decisions that affect our country? Biden is a good example too. But Pelosi needs a mental examination to retire, immediately before she does any more damage.

  14. Q+ sent me. Pelosi is so last century.

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