Dripping with derision, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exulted that President Trump has “been impeached forever.”  “They can never erase that,” she intoned.  If Pelosi had a football nearby, she would have spiked it.

Her celebratory remark crystallized what the impeachment of Donald Trump is all about.  Pelosi doesn’t care about facts, evidence or what constitutes an impeachable offense under the Constitution.  She cares only about bludgeoning the president for the electoral harm it might cause him.


This has been Pelosi’s intent all along.  Impeachment was her political cudgel.  She crowed about it like a pro wrestler who body slams an opponent and then celebrates by prancing around the ring.  It was all staged, of course.

No one should be fooled by Pelosi’s shameless antics.  She has wanted to impeach Trump since he took office.  She admitted it during a televised forum last month.  It was a moment of uncommon candor for a speaker who routinely traffics in duplicity.

Pelosi bears the responsibility… and the blame.

At the same venue, she also repeated the canard she’s been peddling for months.  “We don’t take any glee in this at all.  It is heartbreaking.”  Right.  And don’t forget, she prays for the president.  She seems obsessed with reminding us how “prayerful” she is.

Pelosi is the master of insincerity.  On the eve of the House vote to impeach, she insisted that “politics is not even a consideration in this.”  Really?  Then why did she confess that she’s been yearning for impeachment since Trump moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Does anyone believe that whopper?

For months, Pelosi insisted that she would never condone a partisan impeachment.  Then she engineered a partisan impeachment.

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Once she set the charade in motion, Pelosi insisted that impeaching Trump was a matter of “urgency.”  After rushing it through the house with spurious evidence, she then sat on the impeachment articles for the better part of a month and refused to transmit them to the Senate for an impeachment trial.  “Urgency” was just another convenient lie.

Pelosi’s gambit to extort from the Senate her approval of the trial procedures was a spectacular blunder.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to capitulate, and the speaker eventually retreated.  This hasn’t stopped the media from fawning all over Pelosi, featuring her mug on the cover of Time magazine, and extolling her as a brilliant strategist and tactician.

In an interview with CBS, the speaker inflated hyperbole to a new level when she claimed that “what the president did was so much worse than even what Richard Nixon did.”  It was such a ludicrous comparison that even the reporter seemed shocked into silence.  Nixon committed crimes and then sedulously covered them up.  Pelosi’s articles of impeachment allege no crimes at all.  Previously unsupported allegations of bribery and extortion were abandoned by the House.

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In a different interview, Pelosi told the Washington Post that the impeachment of President Bill Clinton was “unnecessary.”  She seems to have forgotten that Clinton stood accused of 11 felony offenses by an independent counsel.  Trump is accused of none.  Yet, his impeachment is somehow necessary under the new and frivolous Pelosi standard.


The old Pelosi standard was the correct one.  In March of 2019, she stated with confidence, “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.”

Since then, Pelosi has either suffered an acute case of amnesia or she succumbed to pressure from the liberal wing of her caucus.  Either way, the speaker managed to divide the country in exactly the way she promised she would not.  She did it without “compelling and overwhelming” evidence but based on witnesses who offered no more than speculation and opinion derived from multiple hearsay.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley described it to the House Judiciary Committee as “not just woefully inadequate, but in some respects, dangerous, as the basis for the impeachment of an American president.”

As the Senate hurtles toward an impeachment trial that will likely conclude with an acquittal, Americans should remember that it was Nancy Pelosi who set this national nightmare in motion.  It is an abuse of power-driven by arrogance and for political gain.

Pelosi bears the responsibility… and the blame.

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  1. There are no words to express my frustration with Pelosi. It really is hard to believe this is the kind of people we elect to help guide us to the right place regarding rules, regulations and laws. I mean, come on man, how can a country sustain greatness, or even attain greatness with leaders like Pelosi. She tears at the fabric of our nation like no other in recent memory, in the end, it will cost us dearly.

  2. There are no words to express my frustration with Pelosi. It really is hard to believe this is the kind of people we elect to help guide us to the right place regarding rules, regulations and laws. I mean, come on man, how can a country sustain greatness, or even attain greatness with leaders like Pelosi. She tears at the fabric of our nation like no other in recent memory, in the end, it will cost us dearly.

  3. The only thing that will be permanent is that she will not be speaker very much longer. I doubt that there will be many democrats left in Gov’t after November.

  4. That woman is like Jezebel in the Bible, No one can be able to stop her only God.

  5. It was more than just a political action. For Swamp Queen Pelosi it was also a personal vindictive act. She needed to retaliate for him calling her a third grade politician. This was her first act in that retaliation. Remember, as she stormed out the meeting last fall after Trump made that statement, when pointed her finger at him and said, “Wait ’til you see what we do to you.” This was her motivation to impeach Trump. The political influence was secondary for her. But for the Democrat party, it was a means to try to use the impeachment to help defeat his re-election.

  6. Pelosi needs to be impeached.

  7. It has become very obvious that Pelosi wants to become president now. The idea is to get rid of Trump and Pence. They have started attacking Pence and will continue their game. Soon you will hear the cry “Pelosi for President”. She is the one who at this point should be impeached. She is a fake and a fraud seeking power.

  8. This was a wonderful article by G. Jarrett for it laid out exactly what is wrong with the current state of national politics today, our leaders in the House are blatantly lying to us all.
    I cringe when l think that there are Americans taken in by this horror show.
    I am well triggered to do all l can to defeat every Democrat that is running for office. They do NOT deserve to be anywhere near the levers of power.
    What a shameful display by Pelosi and all Democrats.
    I encourage all Americans to rise up and throw these Democrats out of office.

  9. Why are not the honest politicians using the Constitution Article 1, Section 5 Clause 2 for the removal of these traitors? That’s what it was created for incase of situations like this. It needs to be used now. At election time Pelosi and Schiff will just be reelected. Do not kid yourself in to thinking they’ll be gone. They won’t.

  10. falsifying charges is an very serious offence which the democrats have done…should be jail time and large fines

  11. Oh November will Not be a good month for these Democrat/socialist/Nazis !! They have made a complete joke out of themselves ! They have been terrified all of their Corruption is coming to the light of day ! Now we know pelosis family Too has gotten a payday from Ukraine and who knows who else and what else . Bring All of them up if witnesses are call in this shampeachment !

  12. You cant call this by any other name itver than TREASON!!! The whole cabal needs to be indicted for TREASON.
    If they are allowed to go unpunished tor their relentless attacks against our president, NO ONE IS SAFE, from their lawlessness.
    The DEMONratic party us systematically destroying our great nation. They are literally the tools if satan to bring down the greatest nation on the planet and they just flat out dont care because its all about power!
    The only way they are going to get away with it is if God, Who is in complete control allows them to, He always has a plan.
    The deep state and their crooked lying media will not get away with it in the long run!!!


  14. Yes they can take it back the senate will acquit him and the only history that will be remembered is Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house abusing her power for political not criminal purposes she will not get re-elected and will go down as the worse speaker of the house in American history right next to the worse secretary of state in American history Killary Clinton maybe they can do a book tour together on their book how to ruin a 30 year career in 1 year. Clinton was the most hated politician to ever run for and office in 2016 Nancy and others might give her a run for that title.

  15. Sure if there is a civil war happened in the country. She can take that blame along with all DEMONcrat and the four terrorist in our Congress. Because they broken the Constitution laws and broken their duty as congress! So when is the DEMONcrat going to INVESTIGATE OBAMA AND HILLIARY?

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