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Pelosi’s Somber Fist Bumps and Smiles

After Speaker Pelosi showed her jubilant impeachment smile during a staged photo-op with her handing out souvenir pens, it comes as no surprise that the Speaker is continuing her “victory” parade. During an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Speaker Pelosi put on her “solemn,” “serious,” “sad,” and “somber” act yet again by doing a celebratory fist bump with the comedian over impeachment.

With Speaker Pelosi’s reaction to being so sad and upset, one has to wonder how big of a grin she will have if her San Francisco 49’ers lose to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Superbowl in two weeks. If they lose, she might be so sad that she’d have to throw a parade and fist bump the players as they walk by to show how sad she is that they lost.