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Pennsylvania Mandates Face Masks Be Worn In Private Homes


Democratic leadership across the United States are coming out with mandate upon mandate in alleged attempts to curb the spread of coronavirus as the holiday season is upon us. In what looks to be an attempt to “one-up” each other on taking away liberties from its citizens, Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Tom Wolf takes the cake.

Now, Pennsylvanians are required to wear face masks literally everywhere, including inside private homes. In what might be the largest breach of civil liberties thus far, Governor Wolf said following coronavirus “mitigation efforts and orders in place are more important than ever” as the new at-home mask-wearing order was announced.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health tweeted Tuesday, “Strengthening masking order. Masks are still required. Indoors: masks now required anytime you’re with people outside of your household, even if you’re socially distant. Applies to all indoor facilities + if you have people in your home not part of your household.”

With regard to travelers, the Pennsylvania Health Department tweeted, “Issuing order requiring anyone who visits PA from another state to get tested within 72 hours before entering PA. Pennsylvanians who traveled to other states must follow the same rules when coming home. Does not apply to those who commute to/from another state for work or medical treatment.”

“Wearing a mask is really one of the simplest steps we can all take to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is critical” said Dr. Rachel Levine discussing the new order “requiring protective face coverings to be worn indoors and outdoors, including private homes as well as food service facilities, schools, gyms, and on public transportation” reports Biz Pac Review. “If you do not have your test result when you come to Pennsylvania, then you need to quarantine until you get a negative test result,” said Levine.

On Monday, Philadelphia announced indoor gatherings and dining is prohibited and casinos, gyms, museums and libraries were to shut down. Governor Wolf stated of the new mandates, “it is our collective responsibility to protect our communities and our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from COVID-19 and to continue to work together to get through this pandemic. These targeted mitigation efforts, combined with existing ones, are paramount to saving lives and protecting our economy” said Wolf.