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Peter Strzok Dismissal Letter: Ex-FBI Agent Accused of ‘thoroughly’ Damaging ‘Reputation’ of the FBI on Clinton, Trump Investigations

Peter Strzok

Daily Wire reports on a “newly released draft” of the letter sent to Ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok in 2018 notifying him of his termination is being shared across social media channels; and it is epic. Highlights of the dismissal letter are short and to the point crediting Strzok with bringing “so much discredit to the organization” and told him his “repeated selfishness has called into question the credibility of the entire FBI.”

Strzok was one of the negligent FBI agents involved in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as Donald Trump as a member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Strzok was let go after he told a colleague, Lisa Page, the woman he was having an affair with, that they would “stop” Donald Trump from becoming President.

Amongst numerous inappropriate text messages to Page, Strzok also wrote Hillary Clinton “should win 100,000,000 – 0” while he was working on the Clinton investigation. In the letter firing Strzok, Deputy Director David L. Bowdich wrote, “it is difficult to fathom the repeated, sustained errors of judgement you made while serving as the lead agent in two of the most high profile investigations in the country.”

“In my 23 years in the FBI, I have not seen a more impactful series of missteps which called in question the entire organization and more thoroughly damaged the reputation of the organization,” the letter continues.

Bowdich goes so far as to label Strzok’s actions as selfish:

“Your sustained pattern of bad judgment in the use of an FBI device has. Called into question for many the decisions made during both the Clinton e-mail investigation and the initial states of the Russian Collusion investigation. In short, your repeated selfishness has called into question the credibility of the entire FBI.”

The final paragraph and nail in the coffin reads:

“As Deputy Assistant Director you were expected to be a leader who was beyond reproach and set an example for not only our direct subordinates, but others throughout the organization who watched and observed your behaviors and actions. You failed to do so repeatedly and put your own interests about the interests of the organization. Though it pains me to do so, it if for this reason that I am dismissing you from the rolls of the FBI.”