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Political Spin: Lawyers Say Whistleblower Has “Never Worked For” Candidate


The lawyers for the “whistleblowers” issued a statement claiming “[o]ur client has never worked for or advised a political candidate, campaign, or party.” The statement also says that “[t]o date, virtually every substantive allegation has been confirmed by other sources. For that reason the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant.”

This seems to be an ongoing theme for the Democrats and the deep state. When James Comey, and others, used the Russia dossier as evidence of wrongdoing to get FISA warrants, they too decided that the identity, and biases, of the author, were irrelevant.

Now, there is an expanding investigation into those actions that may result in the criminal charges of multiple career bureaucrats. The deep state fails to realize that the courts, and the court of public opinion do care about the identity of the information, especially when that source may have an inherent bias against the person being accused.

The “whistleblowers” lawyers did concede that the “whistleblower” did have contact with “presidential candidates” but stress that this was only in a professional capacity.  They stated, “[o]ur client has spent their entire government career in apolitical, civil servant positions in the Executive Branch … in these positions our client has come into contact with presidential candidates from both parties in their roles as elected officials — not as candidates.”

Just because the basis of the relationship with current political candidates started in a professional capacity does not remove the possibility of bias. If the identity of the “whistleblowers” is irrelevant to the facts, why do we need the “whistleblower’s” opinion of the call?

The transcripts have been released. The deep state and the Democrats are trying to protect their story from the optics in which the Biden Ukrainian scandal is obviously seen. If the “whistleblowers” are seen as Biden lackies, then it looks like a crooked investigation, just like Hunter Biden’s $50,000 a month job looks like a crooked business deal.

In addition to the “whistleblowers” bias is the possible bias of Andrew Baka, the “whistleblowers” lawyer, and the fact that the  “whistleblower” went to Rep Schiff before filing the complaint. The optics of this “witch hunt” is getting worse and worse for the Democrats.