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Politico reporter urges journalists to drop ‘conservative,’ switch to ‘extremist’

Journalists have one job: to fairly and accurately report the news.  But, in today’s climate, many do quite the opposite.

The left-wing media conglomerate works tirelessly to put Democrats on a pedestal, all while making republicans look like eternal villains. 

Now, a top Politico reporter is calling on his fellow journalists to stop referring to republicans as conservatives. 

Instead, refer to them as “extremists.” 

Tim Alberta, the outlet’s chief political correspondent, urged journalists to label any GOP lawmaker who supported President Trump’s election challenge as “extremist” and “radical.” 

“Words matter,” he wrote in a Tweet. “It’s past time we reformed our political terminology.” 

“We should not – for the rest of their careers – refer to any of these Republican E.C. objectors as ‘conservatives,’” he added.  

“They are radicals. They are extremists. There is nothing conservative about subverting democracy.” 

In today’s day and age, the news never stops. But where is the line? When does what many think of as news become activism?

When does news stop being news?