n an ABC/Washington Post poll released today, data shows a majority of Americans (63%) support Black Lives Matter, and 69 percent say minorities and Black Americans are not treated equally in the criminal justice system. That number is up an entire 18 points since 2014.

However, “only 40 percent support cutting funding to police in order to spend more on social services, while 55 percent oppose such a move,” reports Fox News of the poll. The largest disparity is shown between political parties. Democrats show more support to cut funding by police at a whopping 59 percent. Conversely, only 14 percent of Republicans support the idea and amongst independents, 42 percent show support.

“Meanwhile, 63 percent oppose paying reparations to Black people whose ancestors were enslaved. Only 31 percent support it.” The poll demonstrates the psychology of the American people with regard to race relations in the United States, stemming from recent killings of innocent Black people, most notably George Floyd who was killed by a white police officer.

With the largest campaign in full swing for the Presidency, the most powerful position in the United States, former Vice President Joe Biden, and President Trump is addressing this issue. Trump strongly rejects the notion of defunding the police, “while presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has not embraced calls to defund the police – although in a recent interview he said that some funding should ‘absolutely’ be redirected from the police.

The poll also addressed the argument that historic statues and monuments, particularly those representing or memorializing Confederate generals, should be removed. The ABC/Washington Post found a fascinating conclusion that 52 percent oppose removing statues honoring Confederate generals and only 43 support it. The numbers may be shocking considering the violent removal and destruction of property all over the country. In summation, the poll’s “numbers suggest that Americans are increasingly seeing racism and discrimination as a problem, but do not back drastic reforms promoted by left-wing groups” reports Fox News.


  1. How many other “races” have been killed, in the line of duty by the police? It seems no one is interested in facts, just wanting to stir up emotional issues!

  2. It must be 63% of blacks support black lies matter. I canNOT believe its 63% of the population.

  3. The black population in this country is 12-15%. The do not deserve more rights or special rights nor are they treated worse than whites in the criminal justice system. In fact, in every part of society, it seems whites bend over backwards to placate blacks. All of it is BS! A lot of blacks are being brainwashed by the self proclaimed marxist lead “black lives matter” terrorist group. They, antifa and other groups must be eradicated!

  4. More evidence the Left’s support isn’t as widespread as they think it is.

  5. Yup, they Democrats are just trying to stir up racism as they do before every election. If Democrats actually did anything to about it, and they haven’t for over 50 years, they’d have nothing to fire up their voters with at election time.

  6. And a long time corrupted politician with dementia, Biden, and his fellow Democrats support it, they are always supporting debauchery of every kind.

  7. And in the latest Presidential polls, Biden is leading Trump by 15 points. Gregg, we don’t believe polls. They’re FAKE!

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