President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he has authorized the release Wednesday of a complete transcript of his phone call with Ukraine’s president.



WATCH: Joe Biden Erupts When Questioned About Ukraine Scandal

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  1. I can’t help but hope his releases all the redacted information from all the deep state e-mails as well.

  2. Thanks Gregg! POTUS will triumph in this. Will you be on Hannity to discuss?

  3. Hi James, yes I’ll be on Hannity radio this afternoon at 4pm EST.

  4. I think it’s a big mistake. The America Haters will not stop. They will say they want all transcripts of the President’s conversations.

  5. President Trump needs to tell Congress to piss off. If its AOC raising the issue, simply tell her that when she can figure out that sex on the beach is a drink and not a way to get better tips she may be smart enough to understand her job. That would be as a bartender.

  6. I feel that, even though you were pressured into this that you are doing the right thing here. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family for having to endure this travesty and disrespectful actions being forced on you and yours.
    Keep up the great job at making AND keeping America Great Again. Keep the faith Mr. President, you have more support than you know

  7. Even though you have been forced into this travesty and disrespectful actions of the DNC, you’re doing the right thing here. Transparency right?
    Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. You have more support than you know.
    Keep up the good work at MAKING AND KEEPING AMERICA GREAT.

  8. Thanks Gregg! I am so tired of the Left and their lies.

  9. ???????? J Biden is in panic mode. Shame, someone is beating the living hell out that old drum.

  10. Thank you Gregg for all your time and expertise regarding the coup by the Deep State against the President. Always look forward to seeing you and hearing your insight.
    You are the consummate professional.

  11. And so another nothing-burger will pass, but rest assured, there will be another scandal next week from the relentless DeadRats. They are not going to stop until every last one of them is voted out in 2020!

  12. The Dems are digging an empty hole for themselves…..

  13. I keep wondering WHY did all these deep state people cover for Hillary to the level that they did? Was it for Hillary really or because there’s something really big they are hiding. I just can’t imagine throwing away my career for her.
    Thanks for what you’ve done. You have done a great service to this country with your impeccable reporting.

  14. That is true, they will want all the transcripts. They are going to continue telling lies to the Americans about our President. If one hoax doesn’t work they’re going to the next and the next. They are not going to stop until President Trump leaves office in 2024.

  15. Would some one please tell me how many times had the Dems tried dropping a bombshell while the president has been on the world stage .
    It’s not only sad, it’s disgusting.

  16. Shameful

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