Project Veritas Wins Extended Ban Against New York Times Coverage


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has won against liberal media giant The New York Times. On Tuesday, Justice Charles Wood of the Westchester County Supreme Court extended a ban keeping the NYT from publishing materials concerning Project Veritas. The Times says the restriction violates First Amendment protections, but the New York judge extended the ban until at least December 1.

December 1 is the deadline to Project Veritas to respond in writing to the Times’ bid to end the ban. The judge’s extension occurred after a 1-3/4-hour hearing in White Plains; part of a defamation lawsuit Project Veritas filed against the Times last year.

Reuters reports:

Project Veritas, led by James O’Keefe, has used what critics view as deceptive tactics to expose what it describes as liberal media bias. It has objected to a Nov. 11 Times article that drew from memos from a Project Veritas lawyer, and purported to reveal how the group worked with its lawyers to “gauge how far its deceptive reporting practices can go before running afoul of federal laws.”

Wood said as the hearing began that the case involved a clash between two “bedrock principles” of law: “freedom of the speech and freedom of the press, and attorney-client privilege.”

Project Veritas is suing over a September 2020 article about a video the group released which alleged voter fraud occurred during the campaign of Democratic U.S. congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

“The Times has not faced any prior restraint since 1971, when the Nixon administration unsuccessfully sought to block the publication of the Pentagon Papers detailing U.S. military involvement in Vietnam.”

Times’ executive editor Dean Baquet, said the ban sets a “dangerous precedent.”


  1. Like Americans care how they get info? no

    Is the info accurate is all I care about. But don’t go asking my doctor or lawyer about me

  2. I guess the NYT wants freedom to lie, cheat, misinform, deceive, misrepresent, besmirch and ridicule; who, how and when they want without oversight. It’s not a newspaper but a propaganda arm of the DNC. That’s why they want to stop anyone from calling them out in fear the trail will show their link to the DNC, Clinton’s and Soros. No facts here just pure supposition being right on target.

  3. Freedom of the press would apply….. *IF* the New York Times was a member of the press and not a DNC Propaganda outlet.

  4. General info for your readers: Project Veritas Action Fund is an organization founded by James O’Keefe “to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct.” According to their website, their mission is “to further the common good and general welfare of the citizens of the United States by conducting investigations into waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing and other misconduct for the purpose of educating the public, stakeholders, policymakers and communities in order to create a more ethical and transparent society.”

  5. any enraged bystander with a twatter or ewetoob account is treated by Enemedia as a journalist, jury, judge and a pulitzer prize winner. I submit…gfloyds death and enemedia broadcasting them….

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