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Release ALL the Transcripts

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Senator Ted Cruz has called for all the transcripts of all conversations that Vice President Biden had with Ukraine to be released.

This does not go far enough. When looking at what the Vice President and his son are being accused of, and the Democratic Party’s membership seeing no issue with the obvious conflicts of interests shows how corrupt the swamp has become. One of the arguments that the Democrats and the media are using to promote the impeachment of President Trump is that he is using the office to personally enrich himself; the same standard should apply to them.

One of the most telling statistics to show the corruptness of the swamp is that during the 2007-2014 recession, when the average household net worth shrunk by about 1%, members of Congress saw their net worth increase by over 1.5%. With Joe Biden’s son, John Kerry’s stepson and his stepson’s roommate securing personal fortunes for themselves while both men were still in office, all of their conversations with the heads of states that they worked with should now be made public.

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In Seamus Bruner’s book, Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, he shows us just how easily both Robert Mueller and James Comey used public service jobs to fill their bank accounts. These individuals who worked in “public service” appear to have used their position to increase their net worth faster than the rest of the United States.

Still, with readily available examples of other democratic leaders attempting to collude with foreign countries, one has to wonder how often family members of congressmen, senators, and government officials are exploiting the offices they are elected and appointed to hold. 

The American people should demand that the calls from the senators, congressmen, and government officials are made public since anything they discuss is far less sensitive than the phone conversations of the President.

Then we can see who really has been asking for favors.