ep. Devin Nunes, R-Ca, told Gregg Jarrett in his Fox Nation special “Witch Hunt” that “[w]e’re looking at doing criminal referrals on the Mueller team, the Mueller dossier team, the Mueller witch hunt, whatever you want to call it. That’s where we are now in our investigation.” This news, along with the news of charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn being dropped in addition to the names of those who requested the unmasking of General Flynn, demonstrates that some progress is being made in relation to the Russian hoax against President Trump.

In Gregg’s book The Russia Hoax and his follow up book Witch Hunt, he laid out all of the available evidence to show that members of the DOJ and Obama Administration used their power to try to frame candidate Trump, and then President Trump. During Gregg’s interview, Rep. Nunes stated that these deep-state actors “thought it was cute to just not give us things, not tell us things and say that they met the requirements. Well, now that these documents are turning up.”

With the United States Attorney John Durham’s investigation now reportedly going full steam ahead, we will have to wait and see what other documents will be released further proving the findings in Gregg’s books. To watch this special episode of Witch Hunt” and hear Gregg Jarrett’s and Rep. Devin Nunes’ latest thoughts on these developments, sign up for Fox Nation here

Biden Campaign Responds to NSA ‘Unmasking’ List by Personally Attacking Journalist

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  1. I keep hearing about these “criminal referrals”, but nothing ever happens. NO DEMOCRAT HAS BEEN CONVICTED IN THE LAST DECADE! This in spite of ample evidence. Leftist judges protect them from jeopardy, and there will be no JUSTICE in the DoJ until SOB’s like Judge Sullivan are impeached and removed for cause.

  2. Obama was the tip of their spear. Obama must go down.

  3. You are right 2025. All these threats and assurances of criminal referrals are nothing but hype. Until indictments are issued, trials held and the perps, and there are many, are issued orange suits and duck walked to prison, believe nothing your hear or is written by or said from the talking heads, pundits and sensationalists. But ,if they are tried and Hildabeast and Bathhouse Barry walk free then we know the rule of law and equal justice for all is no longer applicable in this Republic. We are finished.

  4. We are finished when we give up. I don’t plan to give up.

  5. Nunes didn’t promise referrals, he said “We’re looking into doing criminal referrals”…..WTF…Quit LOOKING INTO and just do it….I like Devin but I feel as if the clock is running out and there will be no game, NONE, if Trump is not re-elected. Is that what all this foot dragging is really about.?? Look at the buffoonish Sen Graham. He wants to form a committee to study why the DOJ decided NOT to prosecute Flynn!!….Are you EFFIN’ kidding me????

  6. Big f’ing deal, we need indictments and convictions and then jail time.

  7. Blah, blah, blah! Same old BS. Nobody ever gets prosecuted for anything, unless their a Republican.

  8. Don’t tease us because all We’ve been hearing for the last 4 years is “it’s right around the corner.” “This investigation didn’t pan out but the next one will.” So quit talking about it and just do it.

  9. Nunes just signaled he has been given the “go” button. Durham already has the paperwork.

  10. Republican leaders are nothing more than 6th grade girls making playground threats.

    This has just gotten too old

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