REPORT: Hunter Biden Received $83G per month for Ukraine ‘Ceremonial’ Gig

Photo by Alexis C. Glenn-Pool/Getty Images

Hunter Biden was reportedly paid $83,333 per month after being hired in 2014 by Burisma Holdings, one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies while serving as a non-executive “ceremonial figure” with a “powerful name,” The National Review reports.

All in, Burisma Holdings paid $3.4 million to Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, a company lead by Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer.

Between April 2014 and November 2015, Biden and Archer each received monthly payments of $83,333 for “consulting services.”


Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden to “protect” the company in the face of prosecution, the Review reported.

Zlochevsky faced investigation in Ukraine and was initially cleared of wrongdoing for tax violations, money laundering, and corruption. But earlier this month Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka said 15 cases involving Zlochevsky would be reviewed, according to The National Review.

Biden’s work with the company has come under intense scrutiny after President Donald Trump alleged that Joe Biden inappropriately used his diplomatic influence in Ukraine to help his son.

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  1. WTF and we have a justice department that don’t get a damn thing done surprise surprise surprise I tell you what they’re just as corrupted the doj the FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup

  2. Payment to Biden jr. was a million $ a year. Divide a million by 12 and you get 83,333.

  3. Republicans need to start their investigations and indict, find guilty, send to prison everyone in the (D) party of hate !

  4. It seems that Joe Biden made a few bucks while being VP from the Ukraine. I guess when he becomes President he can hustle other countries by putting his son on questionable companies and muscle large salaries for his son.

  5. Well are we surprized? Of Course not. I had already said this and the point being he had no experience in oil and gas much less Rosemonet Bohai Equity that 5 Billion Dollars had been invested in that and he will get 10% of that when and if it goes defunct.

  6. Pochontas Elizabeth Warren I just heard you say “Fight for the children!” That’s rich!
    Your medical plan will cost more than Medicare, Medicare and Social Security put together at a price tag of thirty six trillion dollars. The world wants President Trump, get the hell over it!!
    Understand your secrets have been uncovered! It’s over!
    When all your heinous activities regarding the children comes out you will fall!

  7. Amen! Protect our Nation from these Socialist Democrats! They are liars and care nothing about the American People! All they care about is power and money!

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