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REPORT: Manhattan DA declines to charge Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

After a lengthy investigation, a Manhattan District Attorney will not be charging former President Trump despite the media and anti-Trump mob saying it’s “imminent.” Legal analyst Gregg Jarrett joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the breaking news.

Hannity said, “if you were reading the reports, an indictment is imminent against Donald Trump” but the “only thing they are talking about is maybe somebody used a company car and didn’t put it on their taxes.” Jarrett agreed saying all that’s necessary is to pay the penalty, pay the taxes.

“In fact, it’s fairly common practice in corporate America.” Unfortunately for those who salivated at the thought of Trump “Wearing an orange jumpsuit” in prison, reporters were relying on a notorious liar like Michael Cohen. They now look like the chumps that they are.

Trump’s lawyer, who Jarrett has known for many years and says he is a “straight shooter” said he was told charges were merely being “considered” and considered not against Trump but against “certain individuals within the Trump organization for failing to properly report taxable income on perks.”

Jarrett states “this is a far cry from what the media was reporting” such as hush money to Stormy Daniels, or that Trump committed real estate and tax fraud by manipulating valuations. It was always “a fool’s errand to try and go after somebody like Trump for tax and real estate fraud” concluded Jarrett, because Trump has to rely on a team of professional experts, CPA’s and lawyers. It’s extremely difficult to go after someone for fraud if they rely on the expertise of an entire team.