In what will probably be one of CNN’s highest-rated segments of the year, which is not saying much, actor Robert De Niro went on a vulgar tirade attacking President Trump. As can be expected from their poor production value, they did not run the live segment in a delay and the two f-words went out on air Sunday morning. CNN host Brian Stelter was unable to blame his IFB failing this time with an in-studio guest, and quickly pointed out that it was a cable show and it was not an FCC violation.


De Niro went on to say:
“We are in a moment in our lives — in this country where this guy is like a gangster. He’s come along and he’s said things, done things we say over and over again. This is terrible. We’re in a terrible situation. We’re in a terrible situation and this guy just keeps going on and on without being stopped.”

Stelter’s tepid response to these assertions is just another example the President and his supporters will use when referring to them as fake news.

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  1. F*#k De Niro, he’s been a clueless degenerate moron for years.

  2. truly a foul mouthed pinhead. like anyone cares what the hollywood type thinks. Stills thinks he’s in Goodfellas movie

  3. I often wonder what DeNiro has to lose because President Trump is in office. Is DeNiro part of the child traffic problem? Is he a drug user? There must be something he does no want to be exposed. No person in their right mind would listen to his raving manic!

  4. If He knew the Savior, He would be saying Praise Him, Praise Him but Deniros behavior is going to put him in the Devil’s Hell.

  5. Soooo, Deniro is back on drugs. Okay then!!!!!!!! What a piece of work.

  6. Is DeNiro doing drugs again. He is a very weird human being.

  7. I think there are 3 main reasons the Dems are up to this stuff. 1) They know that the report will soon be issued by Barr. That is why they are calling in “rogue”. They are trying their best to discredit him. 2) They know they can not beat President Trump because they having nothing of substance, so they have to hope to impeach no mater how illegal it is. 3) They want Biden out because they all know he is senile and not as far left as they want. So they will blame his demise on Trump. This whole thing should be thrown out because they sat on it until they changed the whistle blower law. This reminds me of how they withheld the Kavanaugh documents till the very last minute. Well orchestrated by the Dems and media. So un-American! ONE LAST THING… I have been aware of the Hunter Biden China situation for several years. Was shocked they let Joe run for President. Look it up in Wikepedia, it is all there. No wonder Joe Biden is soft on China! Very Dangerous for USA! Did he have to use Airforce 2? Is there nothing sacred for the Bidens??? President Trump has a right to look into this. We NEED HIM & WANT HIM TO LOOK INTO ALL OF THIS BIDEN STUFF.

  8. This guy is a foul mouthed degenerate that also happens to be a liar. Claims he said ” lets give this guy a chance”…Puleeze! He, like many of his elitist Hollyweird cohorts have been against this President and his pledge to drain the swamp since day 1. He, like them, is delusional and chooses his platform as an “actor” to rewrite the results of the 2016 election. This is evidenced by his burning desire to do a “re-do” on the Mueller report, which among many other investigations, showed no guilt or animous on the part of Mr. Trump. I normally would not give this guy the courtesy of a response to his romper room behavior, but if I can reach even one rational CNN viewer and ask, “What exactly is it that YOU think the president has done to harm America”, then it would be worth it. The mainstream media is complicit in spreading lies and the seeds of mistrust of this man. You do not have to like the man, but why try to destroy the office of the President? Dont you realize when Mr. Trump is gone, the damage, hate, and weakened state of our Republic will remain. I am ashamed of the so-called Democratic Party.

  9. This is a sad day in the United States of America when the wicked call evil good and good evil.  God, help us! And God help Robert DeNiro who seems to be imploding…

  10. Curse to your heart’s content and then ready yourself for more punishment. Four more years to be specific. Trump will win in a landslide

  11. DeNiro acts exactly the same in all his films. He couldn’t even portray a good Jew in Casino. He says the president is this and that but he can’t explain why, he just throws vulgarity around with no substance or basis.

  12. No Trump really messed up this time and if you as Americans can’t see that, he’s conned you and if it is true then it should give more validity to the Russian interference. Don’t believe in a man that has lied, and conned you. If you want to #SAVEUSA don’t follow a blind leader chose one that is worthy of the office Republican or Democrat.

  13. You cannot find anybody in the Dem party worthy of any job representing the American people

  14. Read all the comments. In summary DeNiro is a has been that has a filthy mouth that without a doubt hates Trump. I agree! Glad to see the Repubs are speaking out! I guess you’re as tired of all this crap and made up accusations as I am. Our President has shocked many people who didn’t think he could do it. Well he is! And he is doing a great job! Now if the Dems would sit down and shut their mouthes long enough they just might be able to actually see what good he’s doing for this country which includes their kids and grandkids! The problem is they are so blinded by their rage they are unable to see or hear anything nice being said about what a great job our President is doing and continues to do under the heavy load he carries. God Bless our POTUS and the USA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤

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