Schiff Admits Burisma Biden Deal “At a Minimum” Looks Bad



fter months of attempting to remove President Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff admitted that Hunter Biden’s deal with Burisma had “at a minimum an appearance of a conflict.” During an interview on The Axe Files, a podcast hosted by David Axelrod, Axelrod asked Schiff if Biden should have said something to his son about taking the position.

AXELROD: “Do you think it was fair game to suggest that he should have maybe told Hunter Biden, ‘You know what, that’s not a good idea. Don’t go on that board?’”

SCHIFF: “You know, look, I think whenever you have an elected official’s family member in a position of responsibility, there is at a minimum an appearance of a conflict that should be avoided.”

This admission cuts into the case that Schiff, and other Democratic impeachment managers, laid out against the President. President Trump had an obligation to ensure that this business dealing was not an instance of corruption that influenced the international policy of the United States. If Schiff has an issue with “an appearance of a conflict,” then he should have a problem with the many conflicts that appear to have occurred with Hunter Biden; Burisma is merely one example.

In addition, in Peter Schwizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, Schwizer shows how nearly every Democratic presidential candidate had a possible conflict of interest with family members receiving sweetheart deals throughout their political careers.

It is highly unlikely that Schiff will read Schwizer’s book. Unless someone happens to send it to him and portrays it as Russian dirt on President Trump.

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  1. well he admitted that an impeachment was totally uncalled for and there should be held accountable no one is above the law filing a fake claim holding back exploratory evidence any one else would be prosecuted….

  2. I’d like to know what kind of deals Schiff and Pelosi and Romney and the rest of the Nepotism and political payback crew got! They all become elected officials and get rich! Gives a new meaning to civil service doesn’t it?


  4. At a minimum “it looks bad”, HA! This lying left libtard anti-American moron is a piece of work! It’s ironic that We The People can clearly see that Quid Pro Jo and his dead beat dad son are as corrupt as could be but Schiff and his clan are blind to the truth. Hey Schiff, if you ever do begin to tell the truth it will be worse for you than the boy who cried wolff! You will forever be remembered as the liar in chief of the Peoples House.

  5. Pencilneck would have his staff read the book, that way there’s no way he’d have personal knowledge of any corruption. Come to think of it, Schiff need had a problem “modifying” the truth.

  6. Come on adam l wanna hear what kind of made up story you can work outta this

  7. Nothing good EVER came out of an underground bunker. At least not since – oh say – 1945 or so? Bulging eyed POS.

  8. Adam Schiff has personal connections with corrupt businesses in Ukraine also. His whole intention in the impeachment process was to stop any potential disclosure of his personal involvements with more than one business connection in Ukraine. These should be investigated and reported to the American people. See:

    There are more if you search the web.

  9. Wow Joy that was amazing 2 words? Ididn`t think you could count that high without a prompter?

  10. Hey Joy give up your house to these illegals you skank Open your borders to the illegals.
    When was the last time a person of your own race looked at you?

  11. Sure, but it’s only an appearance. Nothing to see here; move on. That’s the Dems’ credo whenever one of their own does something wrong.

  12. The whole point of the impeachment was there was no appearance of impropriety in the Hunter Biden case ! They said Trump abused his power over looking into this because Joe Biden was his political opponent in 2020. To me I would have been upset if he had NOT looked into this it’s the very thing Trump promised to stop political corruption and back room sweetheart deals. Lets also be clear Joe could clear his name easy if he is innocent by doing one of two things. One produce a document from that time frame saying congress wanted the prosecutor fired as part of the aide deal. To this day not ONE congressman or woman has come forward and said that is the case. Why ? All of these aide deals are audio taped and also have a stenographer taking down every word that is said. Any congressman or woman who came out and said that would be committing career suicide. (also a felony if caught lying) Don’t worry Joe has another option you see only two groups have the power to add stipulation to aide to a foreign country congress is one and the other is the president. Funny though Obama has not come forward and said I told Joe to do this. This would be easy for Obama to do and since all his meetings with Joe are not taped impossible to prove if he is telling the truth or covering up for Joe. Yet Obama has not come forward and now that so much time has gone by I doubt Obama would do it. Also this would throw Obama into this and it would hurt his legacy the one thing we know Obama cares about. The democrats can blame Trump they can blame Hunter but the blame belongs to Joe. He went on national television and bragged about doing something illegal never mind the corruption and the China deal Joe admitted he added a stipulation to the aide that was not in the aide deal. Joe did not have the power to do this and when the president of the Ukraine heard him say this he immediately said you do not have the power to do this. Joe than blackmailed him for all we know he was bluffing but the Ukrainian president could not take that risk we are talking about $1 billion dollars of aide his country sorely needed. Let me give you and example in the simplest terms a police officer pulls someone over for speeding and either gives them a ticket or a warning perfectly legal. Now you go out and buy some blue lights for your car and you pull someone over for speeding you have just committed a felony. You see you don’t have the power to do this and Joe did not have the power to do what he did. Both cases have penalties that include prison sentences more than likely if it’s your first time you will get a fine and probation Joe though committed a much more serious crime that “should” result in prison time but he will either walk or never be charged because our justice system is not fair. That’s not just my opinion every poll taken in other countries are allies our friends not countries that hate us. Every poll taken on the American justice system the majority and I mean a huge majority says the American justice system is not equal and the same for everyone. They believe that rich people are treated different than poor people and a large group also still thinks race plays and important factor good thing these are our allies. Full Disclosure here in the U.S. and again in countries that our are our allies also believe the media is at best bias and at worse fake and liars. The media forgot one simple rule they are there when a president takes office and they are also there when he leaves office whether it is 4 years or 8 ! They know their still going to be doing their job after the president leaves office and in the past even if they did not like the president they stayed impartial. Knowing that throwing out the trust, the respect and the honor that their predecessors worked so hard to gain was not worth throwing out over someone who in the long run will be a dot in the history of journalism. Whoops they got that wrong didn’t they ? Recap Trump has been the most successful president of the 21st century he got 63 million votes when he ran in 2016 no political experience, no law degree and now after seeing how great he has done he will no doubt especially if it is against Bernie or Joe get more votes than before. History proves that a president with his approval rating and economic success always wins re-election and in every case the popular vote to. You see the polls said Clinton was going to win and even now they are against Trump why ? His supporters do their talking at the voting booth. I have told people who hate Trump I bet you most of your friends will vote for Trump. I say wait before you have a breakdown they will not tell you they did some may have even told you the voted for Clinton. Its worse today with some of these Trump deranged syndrome people you don’t tell them anything because they are insane. Hitting people, rioting, burning things etc.. Go ahead and google these rallies you will find hundred’s of pages but 99% of it is all democrats and liberals behaving like animals. The funny part is 99% of the people arrested did not even vote in 2016 if you are going to get upset about and election and you don’t even vote then your time for whatever crime you are charged with should be doubled. Wake up call you are not a protester you are and asshole. God Bless America and God Bless our president Trump 2020 SPOLIER ALERT I will tell you exactly when Trump is leaving the white house November 2025 !

  13. If you or I filed a false police report we would be charged and the odds are good we could go to jail I say it’s time we stopped this two different set of rules. If you break a law it does not matter if you are rich, a celebrity, a politician you should be treated exactly the same. I can’t believe the most racist party is the democrats and their supporters. Look at Alec Baldwin he was arrested for his 5th or 6th assault and battery it was all caught on a security tape. He was plead down to disturbing the peace and given a fine. Okay now were are the minorities if a black man caught on tape for assaulting another person for his 5th or what ever time how many of you think he would have gotten the same deal in NY ? Hell no he would have went to jail not only that he would have went to jail long before he would have gone to jail on his second charge at best. The judge would have said we have given you breaks and you abuse them well maybe some time in jail will get you to obey the law. This was something Alec should have heard but instead he walked it proves our justice system is broken a regular citizen no matter their race would have gone to jail for that many assault and batteries ! This wasn’t him slugging a reporter it was him slugging a guy over a parking spot he felt he should get because he is a celebrity !

  14. No Shifft Sherlock

  15. Any legitimate board of directors for a legitimate company would never agree to give a seat AND millions of dollars to a loser like dead beat dad Hunter. In an above board company the board has to answer to its investors and i wonder if their investors were privy to this information? Not only does it look bad for creepy jo, it is bad bc its obvious corrupt dealings were at play, why else threaten to withhold a billion dollars if the prosecutor looking into junior and burisma was not fired?

  16. The Democrats have been profiting from their elected offices for years. The fear among them is that Trump will expose them one at a time. Thus the attempt to besmirch his reputation and get rid of him. It has backfired and now there are more investigative journalists looking into the influence buying by foreign entities.

  17. The Democrats have been profiting from their elected offices for years. The fear among them is that Trump will expose them one at a time. Thus the attempt to besmirch his reputation and get rid of him. It has backfired and now there are more investigative journalists looking into the influence buying by foreign entities.

  18. The whole point of the impeachment was to create shade for the crimes committed by the Obama administration

  19. He should have then asked Schiff, what if Don Jr. did the same thing right now? Would you investigate it?

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