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Selling Out – How Biden and his family Pocketed $31M in Chinese Deals

The pot of riches was brokered by nefarious folks with deep ties to China’s top spies.  Who knew that selling out your country could be so lucrative?

Biden Chinese

Hunter Biden has always been the prodigal son —greedy, reckless, extravagant, and self-absorbed.  And, like the parable in the Bible, Joe Biden kept offering his con-artist son redemption.  Now we know why.

Old Joe was in on the cons.  Together, father, son and other Biden family members bagged some $31 million in five secret Chinese deals.  The pot of riches was brokered by nefarious folks with deep ties to China’s top spies.  Who knew that selling out your country could be so lucrative?

Hunter was the “bag man” doing all the dirty work.  Dad was like the untouchable mafia don, taking his cut.  What did the Chinese expect to get in exchange for fattening the Bidens’ bank accounts?  A pliable U.S. president who would be soft on the Communist government in Beijing.  To borrow another biblical phrase, “Ask and ye shall receive.”  With a little cash to grease the deals.

The victims of the Biden family cons were not the Chinese.  They bargained for their bucks.  No, it was the American people.  Thanks to a shamelessly biased media, voters in 2020 were fooled into believing that all the stories of Biden graft were treacherous smears.  News organizations were witting accessories to a coverup of apparent corruption, censoring anyone who dared to expose the truth.

Now, thanks to a new book by Peter Schweizer called “Red-Handed,” the curtain has been pulled back on the shady deals and the prolific Biden profiteering.  The proof is laid bare.

No doubt about it…Hunter Biden is an absolute rock star in the pantheon of swindlers and scoundrels.  He’s the Mick Jagger of scams.  He’s a grifter extraordinaire who’s made a career out of leveraging his father’s power and position in American politics.  He monetized the Biden name.  Big time.  If there’s a hustle to be made, Hunter is The Man.  His cons and capers are the stuff of legend.

I once wrote that Hunter is a monument to greed.  An ellipse should be erected in his honor.  But then again, there is little honor among thieves.  So, scratch that idea.

Hunter didn’t invent sleaze.  Not at all.  Influence-peddling is a time-honored tradition in Washington.  But the Biden family has taken it to new heights.  It’s really hard to wrap your head around the staggering amount involved —$31 million in payola.  That’s a lot of cash.  As Chief Brody said to Quint, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

For the longest time there were nasty rumors that the Bidens were not on the up and up.  They didn’t play cards according to Hoyle.  They always had something hidden up their sleeves…some kind of scam going on.  Then Hunter forgot all about his laptop that he dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware.  Epic blunder.  The computer contained a treasure trove of damning information.

Hunter’s brain fugue should come as no surprise.  It runs in the family.  Besides, the son has always been a train wreck in every sense of the term.  He had no interest in actually working for a living.  And why should he?  Dad is “a big f—ing deal,” to steal one of Joe’s famous quips.  What’s the point of going legit?  Integrity is for suckers.

So, Hunter, with no real marketable skills and scant experience in anything, went about peddling access to his father…with visions of “quid pro quos” dancing in his Machiavellian head.  He all but hung a “for sale” sign on his dad’s office door.

The Russians bit, and so did the Chinese.  It didn’t matter that the Bidens were profiting from adversaries of the United States and that national security was in jeopardy.  That’s somebody else’s problem.  Leeching off of “pops” was a lucrative gig.  And the old man could pocket some bucks along the way.

In addition to Russian money and the Chinese cash, there was Ukraine, Kazakstan, Romania, and Oman.  It’s a big world out there, with plenty of “marks” to be mined.  You can read all about it in an 87-page Senate report that is chock-full of seemingly corrupt deals involving the Bidens.  It’ll turn your stomach.  But when you think about it —in a sick and twisted way— it’s really a testament to Hunter’s exceptional talent as a con artist.

Hunter’s most infamous grift was fleecing the Ukrainians to the tune of $85,000 per month ($4 million overall) for a do-nothing job sitting on the board of a company called Burisma that was being investigated for corruption.  That’s when his Vice President dad threaten to withhold $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer money unless the Ukrainian prosecutor was sacked.  And just like that, the guy was canned, and the probe magically vanished overnight.

You have to admit it was slick.  It didn’t seem to matter that it’s a felony in the criminal codes for a public official to confer a benefit to a foreign government (a billion dollars in aid, for example) in exchange for something of value to himself or a relative ($4 million in cash, to be precise).  That’s just a pesky detail.

It was all working so perfectly.

Then the laptop fiasco blew up in their faces like exploding cigars.  That’s when the Bidens kicked their phony denials into overdrive.  Biden, the elder, denounced the incriminating evidence as “malarkey” and “a bunch of garbage.”  Then he hid out in his basement bunker in Delaware.

How much did Joe know and to what extent was he involved in the illicit, if not illegal, schemes?  He refused to answer.  His flacks claimed their boss knew nothing about his son’s notorious business deals.  Forget the photographs and the documents.  Biden himself later repeated the lie.  When confronted with contrary evidence, his evasions were pure artistry.  He was the Monet of prevarications.

The liberal media, meanwhile, ran cover for Joe by blaming Republicans for conjuring up a false narrative.  Damn the facts, it was all “disinformation,” howled the suck-up press.  With the help of Big Tech, they censored stories about the laptop and canceled anyone who dared to expose the truth about the compromising emails.

Gullible voters swallowed the thin gruel.  Pundits claimed that it was Biden who had fallen victim to an insidious plot to imperil democracy.  The usual rubbish.  But the whopper worked, and Joe was elected president.

We now know that the laptop was the genuine article, and the incriminating emails were authentic.  We also know that Biden’s claim during the presidential debate that he never received a penny from the Chinese was a load of horse manure.  The Biden family was enriched, and so was Joe.  How much?

According to my guest, $31 million from the Chinese alone.

Joining me now is Peter Schweizer, author of the new book, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.”  Peter is President of the Government Accountability Institute… and the bestselling author of numerous books.