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enate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been front and center in asking for documents relating to the Russia probe to be released. In March of 2019, Senator Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity that the public deserves an answer as to whether or not the Russian investigation against Trump “was an insurance policy in case he did win” and he would seek the answers.

One year later and the more Senator Graham has learned, the more he believes the public should be made aware of what transpired. Now we, the public, understand why Graham was fighting so hard. In the last 24-hours, Senator Graham released a 90-page transcript between George Papadopoulos and the FBI’s confidential human source (CHS) from October 23, 2016.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge first reported on the matter saying the transcript “turned up no evidence of coordination between the campaign and Russia.” The lightly redacted transcript, formerly classified, was documented in the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz report regarding the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page, Trump’s former campaign aide.

Horowitz’s report stated, “Papadopoulos did not say much about Russia during the first conversation with Source 3, other than to mention a ‘friend Sergey…[who] lives in Brooklyn,’ and invite Source 3 to travel with Papadopoulos to Russia in the summertime.” Does any of that scream Russian interference with a United States Presidential election? No, no it does not.

Herridge writes of the probe:

Papadopoulos is a key figure in the FBI Russia probe. Horowitz found that the bureau opened the case after intelligence received from a friendly foreign government that Papadopoulos ‘suggested the Trump team had received some kind of suggestion from Russia that it could assist this process with the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Mrs. Clinton…

An additional transcript of a Papadopoulos conversation with an FBI confidential source released earlier this month shows Papadopoulos denied any involvement of the Trump campaign with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s email system, calling just the idea of it “illegal.” Yet again, zero proof of collusion. The FBI’s defense, also noted in the Horowitz report was that the Case Agent said, “the Crossfire Hurricane team’s assessment was that the Papadopoulos denial was a rehearsed response and that he did not view the information as particularly germane to the investigation of Carter Page.”

“Crossfire Hurricane” is what the FBI Russia team was named, who also got a surveillance warrant for Carter Page “to investigate alleged coordination between the Trump team and Moscow.” With the Senate Judiciary Committee’s release of declassified documents relating to the “investigation” of the Trump campaign, a website was also set up. The chairman of the panel, Senator Lindsey Graham, created the website as part of his ongoing investigation and has published many of the declassified materials on the site.

“I’m committed to being as transparent as possible about the circumstances surrounding FISA abuse. The goal is to make sure it never happens again” said Senator Graham. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report “criticized the Justice Department and the FBI for at least 17 ‘significant errors and omission’ related to the FISA warrants against Page and for the bureau’s reliance on British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s salacious and unverified dossier” reported the Washington Examiner.

Thank you, Senator Graham, for releasing these documents to provide transparency to the public so they can see for themselves just how outrageous the probe was. Of the 35-page, 171-page and 90-page transcripts of conversations Papadopoulos had with FBI sources, it was revealed: “the FBI failed to inform the FISA court about Papadopoulos repeatedly denying the Trump campaign had anything to do with the hacking of the DNC and the dissemination of stolen email to WikiLeaks which published them during the 2016 campaign” reported The Washington Examiner.

What did Papadopoulos say? In the 90-page transcript released by Graham on Monday, the reader gets to listen to three men mostly talk about hot women. Papadopoulos, the confidential human source (CHS), and a third male, First Name Known Omar (FNKO) grab a bite to eat and some drinks. The men talk about cars, their girlfriends, their friends’ former girlfriends, their type of women, and all the things you would never expect to be part of an FBI investigation which was then used in an attempt to show the President of the United States colluded with the Russian government in an election. It’s just outrageously far-fetched.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the only discussions of anything remotely political were that Papadopoulos formerly worked for Ben Carson’s campaign, then worked for Trump, and made great contacts. He did mention that he had once arranged for a meeting with President Trump and the Egyptian President el-Sisi and that he thought Edward Snowden “did a good job.” References to Russia were even fewer; he had a “friend Sergey” in Brooklyn, and he wanted to visit Russia in the summertime. Oh yeah, and they also discussed what colognes they like, which ethnicities of women they have dated, and that they’d “jump” their waitress.

It definitely sounds like some top-level national security issues. Thank goodness for the FBI’s meticulous, covert operations at the taxpayer’s expense.


  1. Those sleezy Democrats. How many lives they ruined because of their jealousy of Trump. Awful. May they get double karma for all their evil deeds.

  2. That’s nice! But most civilized Americans are already aware of this. Where are the indictments? Where is the gallows? Where is the hangman? Are the evil democrats and rinos using COVID to slow this?

  3. The ONLY way to move beyond this is for the world to understand how the emails were leaked and what happened to Seth Rich. Hopefully we will get the ultimate answers before it’s too late.

  4. Never happen again? It should have never of happened in the first place! When are those who are guilty no matter high up the political chain going to be brought to the same justice that the common folk face? They should have to repay the taxpayers for the money wasted as well!
    Maybe that will prevent it from happening again Senator?

  5. Jumping their waitress….you sure this wasn’t a Russian collusion story involving Sleepy/Creepy Joe Biden?

  6. Here’s the problem, as sleazy as the Democrats were, regardless of how many laws they broke and the fraudulent prosecutions by liberals in the DC courts, and the Roger Stone sleazy arrest, the Republicans aren’t going to do anything.

    Hell they couldn’t prosecute McCabe, DC circuit court and the liberals on the jury would never convict a Democrat.

  7. Gregg Jarrett, great reporting as usual!
    Why aren’t you on FOX reporting and having your own program?
    Miss your insight.

  8. Unfortunately everything regarding the injustices to this administration is “too late”!

  9. It doesn’t matter which party the Judges are members, if I were a Judge and an Attorney or Attorneys lied to me, they would be DISBARRED FOR LIFE and be Incarcerated for years.

  10. I volunteer and at my expense will provide the rope.

  11. FOX went ROGUE when paul ryan, the RINO SWINE joined their COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION.

  12. If Russia got involve in 2016 it was helping Sanders. Making Hillary lose open the gates for Bernie to run in 2020 against Trump. I wonder how close is Schiff to the FSB.

  13. Amen sister.. They have been found out and made public.. Now what do you think will happen? Wake up America! The Government personal still has a big responsible job ahead to see that these evil congressional idiots are brought to justice…. Trump should bring charges against them.. Page should bring charges also.. Look what they cost the tax payers…………….

  14. When are we going to see some evidence that we have a “smidgeon” of honesty and integrity in our FBI and DOJ (and MSM)? Long overdue.

  15. We knew what they did years ago.

    Where are the arrests?

  16. What a load of crap. Until you explain why the trump team had over two hundred documented contacts with Russian intelligence agents, no serious person will believe your bs. Why were they meeting in secret, all over the globe? Why were they so desperately trying to hide these meetings? Why did they all lie about these meetings? It’s pretty sickening that you would smear and trash the FBI, the world’s greatest law enforcement agency, to protect this treasonous, incompetent criminal. How many careers are you willing to destroy? I am absolutely amazed that anyone is fooled by the staggering incompetence of the childish criminal grifter who’s stolen the presidency with the help of a hostile foreign power. The evidence is all in plain sight.

  17. I would like to know which Dem a*shole’s cooked up this scheme, this sounds an awful like something that lying Rice & that fat tub of goo Clinton would make up.

  18. There is no way the FBI could have succeeded this long in covering up their misdeeds without the help of Director Christopher Wray. So when is the President going to fire him? Or does he support what he has done? Had Trump not selected a director from within the ranks of the deep state, all this corruption could have been revealed long ago. In fact, impeachment was a last-ditch effort to prevent this (and additional, yet to be revealed information) from coming out. Wray and other deep staters hoped impeachment would prevent the truth from ever seeing the light of day. They lost their bet. Now get rid of these traitors once and for all!

  19. I have rope, don’t spend the extra money.

  20. “Server or JA = truth exposed (SR)” -17

  21. Yeah like the documents that FBI hid for years that prove Flynn’s innocence. I really fear for our country that there a folks like you that live in a bubble controlled by your democratic overlords. Wake up for Christ’s sake and do some research on your own. The FBI is neck deep in conspiracy to remove a sitting US President. It’s all going to come out as the house of cards is starting to wobble and you know what happens once it wobbles?? It falls! Do not rely on CNN or MSNBC to tell you what the truth is. Read articles from both the left and the right on this subject and you will soon learn the real story not your overlords story!

  22. It is hilariously ironic, and deeply sad, that you think I’m the one that needs to work on his research and critical thinking skills. Do better.

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