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Sen. Warren Slams Door in Face of Fox Reporter when Asked About Far-Left Threats to SCOTUS Justices

Putting a bounty on the whereabouts of Supreme Court Justices for the sole purpose of harassment and intimidation and vile threats…is truly despicable.  Elizabeth Warren has been leading the charge with her unhinged trades…ginning up hatred and anger with incendiary words.  You would think that a rational person in high office (a U.S. Senator) would be acutely aware that words matter –especially in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh.  But Warren continues to jack-up the animus.  She and others are imperiling the safety of the justices. She’s quick to accuse others of incitement, but she’s guilty herself.  Her refusal today to answer a legitimate question about it (to condemn the bounties)…and, instead, taking refuge in a vehicle shows that she’s nothing but a coward.  A responsible leader would denounce it.

If Warren was harassed in the same way…she’d been shrieking that she’s a victim.  Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started whining that she was heckled on the steps of the Capitol…even though she publicly celebrated Kavanaugh being harassed out of a D.C. restaurant.  These people are hypocrites.  When it happens to them, it’s a grave injustice.  AOC ripped Capitol Police saying it was dangerous.  But they love it when it happens to someone they don’t like.

You would expect the President to speak out against harassing Supreme Court Justices at their own homes or in restaurants.  But he’s repeatedly refused.  His White House flak…said, “This is what democracy is.”  Biden is tacitly endorsing the intimidation.  A shameful lack of leadership.  But typical Biden.