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Senate Democrats Hold ‘Crisis Meeting’ Over Biden Poll Numbers, Party Infighting

Democrats are in a panic.

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Democrats are in a panic. After a Quinnipiac poll released last week showed Biden’s approval rating has plummeted, Senate Democrats were compelled to hold a “crisis meeting.”

The Daily Mail reports that after several months of party infighting, damaging media reports about vice president Kamala Harris, and devastating Democratic losses in Virginia, “Senate Democrats huddled with pollsters and advisors last week to try to assess the situation.”

Among those in attendance was reportedly former senior White House advisor to Biden, Anita Dunn. A source familiar with the meetings told The Hill that the pollsters level of concern was “extremely high.”

Senate Democratic Steering Committee Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) allegedly organized the meeting with the Democratic pollsters. “We’re just talking about how we’re going to message. Mostly it was talking about Build Back Better” Klobuchar claimed.

The Hill reported one Democratic senator who requested anonymity stated “the Democratic base is very frustrated and very depressed about our inability to just get things done.” The senator added, “The American Rescue Plan has worn off. That was a million years ago.”

Klobuchar told The Hill that the numbers aren’t as bad as some of her colleagues are making them out to be. She also said the best way to get better poll results is to pass meaningful legislation.

Klobuchar claims it’s just a symptom that Democrats need to “get things done.”

“Unlike the other party, when things happen with the electorate, we look at what we’re doing as opposed to trying to change our voters, which is what they’re doing with their voter suppression.”


  1. If those Senate Democrat’s are that concerned they won’t vote to support Obidens bill of give aways and illegal citizenship.

  2. Thankfully, Democrats continue to be absolutely clueless about what to do. Let’s hope they remain in the dark for a while.

  3. The Democrat party is a mess by their own design. They abandoned the moderate center left base and completely ignored values held by them. Instead they allowed the liberal left to grab the agenda and push it to an insane un-American place where there are no boundaries of decency. Klobochar is kidding herself if she thinks they “just need to her more done”. They need to rethink their entire agenda. Many Dems would support immigration reform, but only a small portion want open borders, unvetted, unvaxed illegal immigrants transported in the dead of night to their communities. Few buy the excuses for the Afghanistan disaster, 80% of Americans favor voter ID and election integrity, only a looney few cheer on inflation denial, vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Then there is the alignment with the gestapo tactics of the corrupt FBI against parents and race bating defund the police mantra. They are getting what they deserve. Only Joe Manchin can save them now by holding firm against the disaster bill BBB – then he can be the DNC nominee in 2024 and bring them back to center left.

  4. Democrats and the fake media are enemies of the United states.cant believe nothing anymore they’re all evil

  5. Her last statement about the GOP trying to change voters…..

    We didn’t let 200k afgans into the country without vetting them first. We didn’t dissolve the southern border. She has no argument here. Her party of socialist assholes is attempting to change the voters.

  6. This is good news, they (dems) are still blaming the other side for fake reasons.
    These people are so stupid, they actually believe their own lies.
    I think they really have brainwashed themselves into a false reality.
    At this point, i doubt the truth is even achievable, they just don’t know what that is anymore.

  7. The death rattle of a deceased administration that appears more and more like a put on than reality everyday. Shame that if it is, so many lives were destroyed to get us to this realisation that everything we thought we knew was a lie. When will this nightmare end?

  8. Democrats don’t listen to what the people want. It’s all about them, the people be damned. The racist Obama Administration started it & Biden Admin is carrying it on. Their use of racism, hatred & lawlessness to keep people divided is appalling. It has always been the Republican Party for fair voting laws.

  9. Anita Dunn, the self-admitted Communist who stated her most admired leader was Mao and was subsequently forced to exit the obama admin (went out the front door, came back through the back door), advising the dimocrats??! Oh yeah, that’ll really help.

  10. Your colleagues on the other side aren’t having to do anything about changing the votes, the Democratic party is changing the votes to red for us.
    Many thanks.

  11. Abandoning the center in favor of the radical left is plain nuts. Having to ride a failing horse in the person of an old party hack in Joe is plain nuts. We should all be reminded that Joe has had an almost unbroken, over 50 year, history of wrong/bad decisions, and it continues today. We must hope that Manchin and Sinema stand fast, and that none of the feckless Republicans in House and Senate stupidly help enable any Dem looney legislation to be thrust upon us.

  12. If the dem think tanks are what elected Biden the I say they need more of them so they completely self destruct and go the way of the dinosaur.
    Beside with all those intellects like Maxine Waters in the party its not a surprise that they,re political failures.

  13. Let’s just be honest in our assesment of The Democrats. They are “EVIL”. Allowing unfettered mass migration across our Southern Border. Why? To ‘homogenize’ and destroy through illegal voting and low wages the American Middle Class. Yesterday, NY proposed just this. While doing this they demonize Middle America. If you are not a Lib Dem or Social Justice Warrior, that means you are a “White Supremacists”. Ex., Rittenhouse is one. He and you are “Domenstic Terrorists”. If you oppose them you will be attacked by The FBI in a Swat Raid. Kidding here? NOT. Look up and search what happened to a Mrs. Bishop in Colorado last week. The FBI used a Battering Ram at 9:30 A.M. in a suburban neighborhood and smashed down her front door. Yes she was home alone with her children. Why? She is a friend of Ms. Tina Peters former Mesa County Clerk who exposed State Dominion Machine Voting Fraud. Mrs. Bishop had also been instrumental and successful in overturning Nine (9) School Boards who were teaching CRT. So Merrick Garland had her attacked. Then there are The Political Prisoners in The Washington D.C. Gulag. A POW Camp. They are being tortured by the scum running the place. Held in Solitary Confinement. This over January 6th. Most, 80%, are charged with “Parading” or “Trespassing”. Held now for 11 months with no ( 0 ) bail. An “Insurrection”? Ah, no. No one was armed! The only person murdered was Ashli Babitt. What are the Lib Dems doing? Sending a message to you and me. That they have weaponized our Government and FBI against American Citizens. The FBI is now “The American Gestapo”. Run by Biden’s puppet masters (Susan Rice and Valorie Jarrett) and his lacky at The DOJ, Merrick Garland. Oppose them, resist and with The American Gestapo, they will break you! Bankrupt you. Persecute you and jail you if possible. Raid your home. Rough up your teenage daughter. Place you on handcuffs while dressed in their Black Swat Uniforms in front of your neighbors. Ransack your house. Then leave after stealing your computers and cell phones. Who pays for the damage? Well you do of course. Just ask Mrs. Bishop. This is exactly what the Leftist Dems did to her and her children.

  14. The constant lying to the American People all while pushing a pure Marxist Agenda is the reason. Better messaging ie more lies won’t work. Please keep doing what you are doing so we can rid the world of your kind.

  15. It’s all irrelevant as the US elections are completely illegitimate as well as any “elected” official.

  16. There is only one message to shout loud and clear and continuously “ STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS”.

  17. Messaging is not the problem. Lies and bad ideas are the problem. Where is the fake outrage about the supposedly 80% of people living paycheck to paycheck?

  18. Let’s see…weaponize the fbi, doj, organize a fake insurrection with fbi informants, illegally jail misdemeanor protestors, borders wide open. Yes, 2022 will be a slaughter of epic proportions.

  19. They got tons of fake ballots, and dominion voting machines, and no one is present when votes get counted. Its not how many votes you get, but who counts them

  20. Klobuchar is deluding herself if she think the low approval ratings are due to a failure to get things done. The message she and the Democrats are failing to grasp is the majority of people hate what Democrats are doing. Their policies are destroying people’s lives right now and also destroy their future.

  21. These people are downright evil. They care nothing for the American people. They are liars, gaslighters, elitists, with rules for thee but not for me. Importing illegals by the millions in their evil plan to change the voting laws, therefore all illegals who will vote for them will keep them in power for ever more. Wake up people. Joe Biden’s America is evil. Joe Biden and his handlers Barack Obama and whoever is running this shit show, all EVIL. Vote Red. Only way to save America. Let’s Go Brandon!

  22. Build back Better is not from Biden.
    Krause Shwab coined that phrase back in Obama’s era.
    Many other liberal country leaders have been using it way before Biden.
    Biden is a tool of the Globalist agenda from the World Economic forum.

    Biden is clueless. Americans are not stupid. However DC thinks you are.

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