One thing that could help Vice President Biden, Major Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and Andrew Yang immensely is the House Democrats passing impeachment.

Traditionally, the Senate would take over the impeachment case since the house has passed it, but with Speaker Pelosi slow-walking the bill over to the Senate, current Democratic senators running for president are now at a major disadvantage. In a Senate trial, all the senators have to be present for the trial. The jurors for the impeachment trial are the senators, five of whom are currently running in the Democratic primary for president.


This means that Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, Senator Klobuchar, Senator Booker, and Senator Bennet all would likely be limited to campaigning in areas very close to Washington DC. This means that all their campaigns will lose ground in the primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Depending on the timing of the start of the impeachment trial, it could even affect the 14 states that have primaries on March third.

With so many active senators running in the Democratic primary, the impeachment trial will throw the Democratic primary into complete chaos. The obvious benefactors are Vice President Joe Biden, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. With four out of the top eight candidates (Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar, and Booker) being removed from campaigning in these important states, we could see a situation where many of their passionate supporters are disgruntled voters in November of 2020.

The only option for these senators to stay competitive is to spend a lot of money on flying and advertisements to try to make up for the loss of a ground game. Only time will tell if any of these senators will be able to attract enough voters to stay competitive in a pretty crowded field.

Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ was always a hoax — and dirtiest political trick in modern US history

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  1. Question: Don’t those presidential candidates who are sitting in on an impeachment trial have a conflict of interest? 1) They want the job that Trump has 2) They have done on record saying he needs to be removed… before seeing the evidence. I would think that a judge or juror would be forced to recuse themselves or not be included in a jury. Just wondering

  2. I think Nancy P. will be held responsible for this fiasco.

    She purposely skipped Rep Nadler and appointed Shiff with the brown eyes.who obviously does not know “WHT” he is doing to chair this investigation. Integrity now means nothing to the Democratic Leadership. Nadler would have called for a vote and that would be the end of this waste of both time and money. Now they have conceded the 2020 election and hopefully the House. and in return have been possibly the least effective congress in recent history.

    Lets M. A. G. A.

  3. Willie, you are absolutely right. The whole of the U.S.A. should pray for this thing. If we lose President Trump we will basically lose America.

  4. Would agree with jj except for the fact that Wash DC is so darned corrupt it matters not that politicians break rules, regulations, codes or even laws. D.C. is now a lawless stinking swamp.

  5. rules don’t apply to Congress. That is why the current value of all members’ wealth combined equals $2.4BILLION

  6. Given the fact that the House democrats are operating outside of the constitution and in violation of House traditions and in violation of ethical standards, I offer the following as a place to start:
    1.The House republicans must be involved in all aspects of the House impeachment process
    2. Secretive meetings of “democrats only” are not acceptable
    3. Due process recommendations:
    -timely notice to the president of all charges
    -timely notice to the president of all hearings
    -The president has a right to be present at all hearing
    -The president’s lawyer will be present at all hearings
    -The president and his lawyer must have full access to all evidence and testimony; and all other relevant materials (e.g., tapes, videos, etc.) related to the charges
    -The president has a right to testify
    -The president has a right to provide a witness list
    -The democrats and the republicans must agree on the issuance of subpoenas
    -The president’s lawyer will cross-examine all witnesses

    Many of the requirements listed above would be a part of the Senate Trial. However, given the process occurring in the House, it is time to establish rules for the House impeachment process.
    The vote to impeach is dependent on facts. Unfortunately, all democratic candidates for president have stated that the president should be impeached—-without knowing what the charges might be.

  7. In Certain business’s you are allowed to accept a gift
    Such as a t- shirt or maybe a coffee cup as long as the gift is valued at $25.00 or less.
    I guess if your in politics that figure is somewhere around
    $500,000 or more. It seems awful strange that most politicians working for the benefit of us, the citizens of this beautiful country seem to go in broke and come out millioneers. REALLY STRANGE how that works. Every one in Washington should be investigated Democrats and Republicans, And they ask for President Trump’s Tax returns. I would love to see theirs, what a joke these people are.

  8. The Impeachment trial is not what the Democrats are focusing on rather they are using “Impeachment by media” to accomplish their goal of getting Trump out of office. And it seems to be working.

  9. Good point! I hope something public will come out in answer to the question, should things get that far.

  10. Where are the Republicans? Why are they not screaming about unfair procedures. I only see a handful of elected officials making any noise about the bogus impeachment issue, Clinton emails, or Biden kickbacks.

  11. That’s a good one, GJ. May I add something – the President and his lawyers has the right to demand evidences to be presented to the charges of impeachment, the President has the right to demand the right juries and judges to the proceedings.

  12. That is exactly right. It is obvious that this is only to drag Trump through the media “coals” again, just like the Russian hoax. They know this will do a lot more harm in the public opinion arena and know that if it went to a “real” impeachment hearing, too much about their dirty dealings would come out.

  13. The Congress under Pelosi is a third world banana republic that has no regard for the rule of law nor the U.S. Constitution. They should be voted out in 2020.


  15. Hello Anne, no it is not! The more they fire at him the more POTUS pushes back. He likes the fight but not the results to what the dems are doing to our nation. President Trump is the right man for this job! Have faith! :}

  16. Thumbs up!

  17. Republicans are by and large spineless, gutless eunuchs.

  18. Oh ye of little faith in the American people.

  19. Thank you Jacquline! Yes Our President Trump is the best man for President 2020!

  20. Lou ,you are so right . The Clinton’s claim is broke coming out of the White house but they lied. They stink with money now. The Obama’s live big time now and will never return to their low life in Chicago! They also stink! All need to go back from where they come from and make a difference!

  21. These leftist kooks make me angrier by the minute. Few, if any will abandon Trump. He’s gaining more and more support daily. And woe be it to any republican who votes for this sham.

  22. i agree with most in what i have read here, but remember McConnell is in charge of the impeachment the president has no say in how to run it or control it,there will be a supreme court justice to dish out the law, the president can not pick his own judges for the trial,they way you beat Nancy and the rest of the low life’s is to have the people on both sides show there evidence and the presidents lawyers will take it from there,that is what is called a trial,let the the democrat’s call who they want look it has been three years they have nothing,the republicans need to show america they have nothing to hide that will make the democrat’s look like the losers in all of this.no matter what happens you will still have a divided country you will always have people on both sides saying they won.but in the end president trump and america are the whiners

  23. With RBG claiming that Senators need to be impartial, won’t Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, Senator Klobuchar, Senator Booker, and Senator Bennet need to recuse themselves?

  24. Sorry, pretty dull article. The campaign time lost means nothing. The senators will be the focus of the media and every word they utter will be broadcast. Campaign gold.
    What really matters is Trump’s political opponents sitting in judgment of him. This is an outrage, and you can bet the Pubs will take every possible advantage of bringing it to light.

  25. This whole Impeachment process was concocted from thin air, then investigated as if it were the truth, with a finding that was already known before the president even took office. None of the 2nd and 3rd party hearsay, assumptions, presumptions, unfounded allegations, and uncorroborated accusations would ever have been allowed in an actual court of law-where only actual evidence is allowed.

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