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Sen. Says Biden Staff Asked GOP Members to Delete Photos of Border Facilities

Senator Mike Braun
Senator Mike Braun

The crisis at the border that President Biden has chosen to pretend does not exist to the drastic extent that it does, nor for the reasons it does, continues. Some of his aides, however, may not have their heads in the clouds and are asking those who have seen the border to delete photographic evidence. Senator Mike Braun, a Republican from Indiana, said over the weekend that that is exactly what happened to him.

Braun said a Biden official asked the entire group of Republican senators who had visited the southern border to delete photos they had taken. Photos reportedly included overcrowded conditions at a migrant processing and holding center they toured one day earlier in Donna, Texas.

“There was one of Biden’s representatives. I felt sorry for the lady because she actually talked to me about deleting a picture, but by the time she got to me, all those other pictures were taken, and that shows you the hypocrisy” Braun told the Washington Examiner. “None of us would have gone down there if we were going to be muzzled” added Braun.

Braun said Border Patrol was telling them not to take photos, although “they were telling us that because they had to” said Braun. A group of 18 Republican lawmakers, including Braun, visited a facility at 700% capacity. Photographs show children sleeping on the ground on mats and migrants crowded into enclosed pods.

Braun also told the Examiner the group ran into “coyotes” who are paid to take migrants across the border at the edge of the Rio Grande on one of the stops with border agents. Braun’s visit urged him to write a letter to President Biden suggesting he takes his own trip to the border.

In the letter, Braun wrote to Biden: “the crisis surrounding this surge makes it a moral imperative for you to see firsthand what is happening – and not the sanitized version of the border tour taken by some of my congressional colleagues…I can testify to this being an inhumane, unsustainable and dangerous situation.”