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Shifty Schiff’s Secret Chamber Hearings

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Just like in the Wizard of Oz, Adam Schiff is operating from a secret room; he is the wizard of the impeachment coup. He is screaming, yelling, and lying saying that he has star witnesses who have the evidence to impeach President Trump.  He comes out of his secret room and uses theatrics, lights, explosive false accusations, and the cameras of the left-wing media to try to get people to believe him.

Democrats continue to appear in front of television cameras and selectively leak information from these secret depositions and claim that there is evidence of a Trump “quid pro quo.”   But, Republicans like Jordan, Ratcliffe, and Zeldin (who have all been in attendance) say that is simply not true. Someone is lying.

This disparity could easily be resolved if Schiff would allow these depositions and/or hearings to be made public, but he won’t. Schiff and the Democrats are deliberately concealing the truth, leaving the American people, their constituents, in the dark.  This renders Schiff’s entire investigation not just suspect, but illegitimate. The rules are left to a hyper-partisan admitted liar, Schiff himself. This is a frontal assault on the procedural protections of “due process.” This isn’t an inquiry, it’s an inquisition.  It’s a theatrical sham only meant to deceive the people who these representatives swore to serve.        


Adam Schiff keeps calling witnesses, like diplomat William Taylor, who has no first-hand knowledge of anything.  They’re offering their opinions or interpretations of what they guess was going on.  It’s nothing more than rank speculation. Schiff and the Democrats then leak selective information to the media who turn around and use it in a frenzied attack on the President.

The best evidence of what happened is the Trump-Zelensky conversation itself.  We can read the transcript in black and white. There’s no mention of a quid pro quo.  Money is not being leveraged. The conversation was perfectly legal. The Criminal Division at the DOJ examined the official record of the call and concluded unanimously that there’s no crime.  So, this is an investigation in search of a crime that doesn’t even exist. 

The American people should demand that the little wizard of impeachment, Adam Schiff, stop operating from secret rooms and allow the American people to see the truth. 

Dems: Evidence be Damned, We Will Impeach

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  1. So isn’t it up to someone like AG Barr to step in and say, “wait a min, this is illegal procedure of law”? Where is he anyway….

  2. Greg, the Dem’s are playing with fire..People I know are furious about this scam..This will bring civil unrest if Trump is impeached..So proud of you and the work your doing to save our country…

  3. Charles L. Ellis, 76, Alabama … Stop With Impeachment Of Our President / Enough Pelosi / You And Schiff Are Two Currupt People Relishing Power / Mr.Trump Stands Heads And Shoulders Above You Two Human …!!!

  4. As an attorney who has practiced law for 35 years, I am at a loss to understand why the Republicans have not filed suit in Federal Court seeking declaratory and injunctive relief. The grounds are many:

    1. Denial of procedural due process, to wit, the denial of the right of duly elected Representatives to attend all impeachment hearings, depositions, etc.; denial of the right to question and cross examine witnesses; denial of the right to call witnesses; denial of the right to subpoena witnesses and evidence; denial of the right to object to the introduction of improper evidence, etc.
    2. Denial of the right to face one’s accusers.
    3. Refusal to conduct the people’s business in open session in violation of “sunshine laws.” Note, these matters are not “classified.” Therefore, there is no right or need to have them held in a “sciff” in the basement.

    The “talking heads” on TVE constantly say that there is nothing they can do about it since it is up to Congress to make the rules about impeachment. Wrong! Whatever rules Congress makes MUST still be constitutional. They are clearly not. Therefore, since the Democratic leadership will not give the minority their rights, the sole remedy for this wrong is in the Judicial branch.

    Where is Jay Sekolow and the President’s legal team? Wake up and take this into Court! Of course, you will lose at the District Court level. However, this needs to be filed and taken to the SCOTUS.

  5. The democrats are evil. They are not working for the people, but they
    are working full time for themselves. President Donald Trump has been
    working for the people: many hours a day and he has earned the people’s respect. The Democrats have earned NOthing. President Donald Trump
    has been soooo successful even with the constant harrassment and refusal to work with him. Democrats have definitely been USELESS. Respect should go to President Donald J. Trump. Way to go President Trump. You are my hero…..and the hero of a multitude of Americans.

  6. I want to thank Gregg for all the hard work in backing our constitutional right’s in keeping the deep state in check and putting light into the dark decided corruption that is yrying to take down our elected President!

  7. Schiff ran out of with the witness when the Republican Congress Persons came in and that my friend tell you they had no intention of inviting any Republicans or they would have told them that when they came in. I have heard Democrat after Democrat claim the president is a liar and supposedly has lied 13000 times but not one can name what that any of the lies were.

  8. Adam Schiff is a scoundrel. He is the dirt in his dirty tricks.
    He, is in my estimation a BIG NOTHING!!!!!!!!
    In my estimation America would get along quite fine without he and his

  9. If I have reached my pinnacle with patience for this abuser “Nebbisha” Adam Schiff, I can only imagine what it must be like to work with this man or shall I say work along side this man. If you were to look up the definition of petulant child his 8X10 Glossy would appear. Fundamentally, he is flawed as a politician as he has spent every day of Trump’s admin trying to prove SOMETHING. Thankfully, his distortions of the truth, smear campaigns, and excellent use of the almost the entire media have all fallen flat. To know Rep Schiff is to understand the diabolical thinking that one must possess to wake up each day with ONLY one lazer focus notion and that is to somehow illegally and unethically derail and sabotage a sitting president. This is his agenda and I hope all the constituents that voted him in office know this. He will not be fielding questions about healthcare, homelessness, jobs created or not created, immigration none of that stuff. His entire 3 years to date have culminated in several miserably yet costly attempts at unseating the POTUS. This has to frustrate more than just 1/2 of the population. Why isn’t the average American scratching their head and saying, “what is it with this guy, he is like a dog with a bone”. His relentless attempts have cornered him again and hopefully for the last time. Having a bum-rush of your colleagues demand fairness, vote to censure you, and call you out for being unethical/unlawful and creating a precedent that will darken the future of this Country should be enough for anyone to relent and acquiesce and want to restore a shread of dignity to his reputation. However, when dealing with a reticent persona non grata, one must fully understand they are capable only of secrecy, and masking the obvious so the only result will tilt in their favor and be the outcome that supports his narrative from the beginning. Schiff is the little boy who someone saw throw a stone through a window and then runaway and spend the next 10 years denying he did it and at one point believing his lies. It is the definition of traveling down a path too long without the ability to turn around and redirect yourself. This is Adam Schiff, a very troubled, lost and misguided sorry man.

  10. This is so stupid. Quit acting like the Democrats are in a room alone with witnesses to fabricate a story that Trump committed crimes. Trump and Co. have already stupidly admitted to the quid pro quo. The fact is the depositions are behind closed doors with BOTH Democrats AND Republicans. It isn’t just Democrats in there with the witnesses, so quit pushing that narrative.

  11. Thank You Gregg for your hard work and I am looking forward to reading your book!

  12. Keep up the great fight our country need more citizens like you Gregg ! KAGTRUMP2020 🇺🇸

  13. Schiff, the man who hates Trump so much that he lied to all of America for two yearts telling us he had absolute evidence Trump colluded with Russians, but never showed it to anyone, he lied, yet we should trust the hateful lying moron now as he forcefully makes up evidence to try and impeach Trump with noiw ? I can say with absolute certainty if Schiff and the Democrats don’t stop their mnonsense now, if they try to impeach Trump , they will start a rteal civil war, and maybe we need now to end this sore spoort losing liberal degenerate democrat nonsense.

  14. You are out of your delusional, fabricating lies mind. How do you sleep at night knowing you are deliberately spreading false propaganda to your fellow Americans. You disgust me

  15. Turn the tables and start investigating the whole bunch of them

  16. Very good points. I have wondered why there were no legal actions taken regarding this kangaroo court. The American people are being Held hostage to the House of Representatives. There is a war going on between the Liberals and the American people, where is Perry Mason??

  17. At least someone sees this garbage for what it is. Good eye, Mindy

  18. I am not an attorney, but have had been of the opinion that this is not legal nor is it justice. I thought one should always be able to face their accuser.

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