Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues made a scene of sending over the impeachment articles to the Senate. With a desk set up in a public area of the House and dozens of commemorative pens to hand out to anti-Trump Democrats as souvenirs, the Democrats showed their true colors in what they had been calling a “somber” action that left them “heartbroken.”

The smiles and nodding showed that the Democrats have been lying to the American people ever since they took over the majority in the House.


Even CNN stated that the scene was not proper and seemed more like a celebration.

CNN’s Dana Bash stated:

“It was unusual to see that kind of ceremony and handing out the pens and smiling for a picture in this kind of situation where the House Speaker has bent over backward to say publicly and privately this is somber, this is not a time for celebration.”

Still, the most telling moment came at the close of the signing when NY Congresswoman Maloney held up her souvenir pen with Speaker Pelosi as both posed for a picture with giant smiles on their faces. For a “heartbroken” and “somber” woman, Speaker Pelosi really knows how to put on a show. When she is no longer in Congress, she should apply her acting skills in one of her Hollywood donors’ films.

The Impeachment Witch Hunt with Gregg Jarrett – Ep. 6

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  1. Pelosi needs to be removed from office over the pens distribution

    5 U.S. Code § 7353.Gifts to Federal employees – https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/5/7353

  2. Bunch of phonies!

  3. I live for the day when we do not have to see that ugly evil face of Pelosi ever again. She is a negative destructive selfish demon out for her own agenda covering up all the crimes her party is involved in at the cost of all Americans. She charges President Trump with everything they are guilty of. She has got to go. We love President Trump. He is by far the BEST PRESIDENT THE GREAT USA EVER HAD! Impeach Pelosi, lock up her son, lock up the crooked Biden’s who obstructed justice openly. The crimes go on and on. Enough!

  4. All those people should be out of government immediately. We got people in prison because of lying to Congress and there they are all of them lying to Congress. Speak of abuse of power, their all they stand. I say all these Democrats need to be voted out because they are crooked. I’m not saying replace them with Republicans, it could be other Democrats. Just as long as these people get out of office! All these Democrats is nothing but corrupt.

  5. To those who left a comment… Well, put…as I said how can this be allowed
    to go on??

  6. The Democrats accuse others of doing things that they (the Democrats) are doing. I believe the Clintons introduced this condition and now most Democrats do it. Example: Joe Biden did a quid-pro-quo and even boosted about it and then accused President Trump of doing it. Ask a Democrat to explain the difference in what Joe (the fake) Biden did versus what President Trump did in his conversation with the President of Ukraine. The Democrat will just create another lie responding to your question.
    I believe the Democrats are ‘hell bent’ on destroying Our U.S. of A. I further believe Obama is very much in the leadership of this effort.
    We, “True Americans” must work our hardest to prevent any Democrat from being elected to any office.

  7. This article has, a PERFECT last paragraph!

  8. november can’t come soon enough when the good people of this country get to have a trial of their own called voting for the correct people and voting out the jerks.

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