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Smoking Gun! Emails, Texts show Joe referred work directly to son Hunter

Hunter Biden
Joe and Hunter Biden

Several times President Joe Biden has said he has never had any knowledge or involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. Smoking guns now prove what we all knew; that Joe was not being honest with the American people. Joe has been involved. Very involved.

“Joe Biden asked son Hunter about ‘future earnings potential’ in messages that conflict with Democrats’ earlier portrayals of first family’s financial affairs” writes Just the News. Specifically, Biden allowed his son to pay some of his bills for him, diverted tax refunds to his son and even directly referred a friend to “do some work” according to emails and text messages.

In a text message, Joe told Hunter a trial lawyer and longtime donor of his “asked for you” and “wants to do some work with you. Love Dad.” Peter Schweizer’s 2018 book “Secret Empires: How he American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” unearthed Hunter’s “providing a cut of his business to his father in the Obama White House and afterwards.”

Just the News and the Government Accountability Institute reviewed 100,000 plus emails and text messages from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop as well as bank records and memos obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“Those messages contain several references suggesting Joe and Hunter Biden a times commingled finances and business affairs” adds Just the News which detailed its findings:

The summer 2018 message is one of the clearest pieces of evidence gathered by FBI and congressional investigators that Joe Biden was not simply a passive bystander in his son’s globe-trotting business pursuits, but rather at times assisting and benefiting financially, the messages show.

For instance, a string of spring and summer 2010 emails show Hunter Biden and a partner at his Rosemont Seneca firm assisted the White House with documents for Joe Biden’s tax returns after his first year in office. Afterwards, they chose to divert the then-vice president’s Delaware state tax refund to Hunter Biden to pay off money the father owed his son, the emails state.

“I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you,” Rosemont Seneca official Eric Schwerin wrote in June 2010 about Joe Biden’s tax refund. “Don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead.”

Another Schwerin email a month later entitled “JRB bills” — using the future president’s initials— listed a series of expenses from Joe Biden’s lakefront home in Wilmington, Del., that Hunter Biden had paid.

They included $1,239 of air conditioner repairs at “mom-mom’s cottage,” and another $1,475 to paint the “back wall and columns at the lake house.” There was $475 “for shutters” and $2,600 for building or repairing a “stone retaining wall at the lake.”
JRB Bills-Redacted.pdf

Other emails suggested Joe Biden — often referred to as “Pop,” the “big guy,” and “my chairman” in sensitive communications — was looking to Hunter Biden and Schwerin to find him riches for when he left office…

…Joe Biden has claimed he never discussed his son’s business dealings and insinuated he never met with his son’s business partners. But messages and documents conflict with that portrayal, showing Joe Biden referred potential work from the likes of Jeff Cooper to Hunter Biden and also met with his son’s foreign business partners on numerous occasions.

Cooper is longtime Joe Biden donor and trial lawyer who worked with Beau Biden’s firm in Delaware on asbestos litigation dating back to 2005. From 2012 to 2014, Hunter Biden was listed as a manager of Cooper’s Eudora Global, LLC…

…It appears Devon Archer or Hunter Biden was able to deliver and 30 members of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) indeed visited the White House on Nov. 14, 2011, according to White House visitor logs. But those logs fail to disclose precisely whom the Chinese entrepreneurs met with: Vice President Joe Biden himself.

A trip itinerary posted by the CEC indicates the delegation met with Obama’s then-recently-confirmed Commerce Secretary John Bryson but, like the visitor log, makes no mention of a meeting with the vice president. But Joe Biden did meet with his son’s associates. The secret meeting was revealed in an obscure document by one of the founders of the CEC.

In December 2013, Hunter Biden flew to Beijing with his father aboard Air Force Two for the latter’s official visit with Chinese Communist Party leaders. While the vice president was there on official business, the second son was there to line up a billion-dollar private equity deal with the Chinese. Hunter Biden admits that Joe Biden met with his Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li, in the lobby of a Chinese hotel.