Speaker Pelosi’s Birthday Present to Herself Was Depriving American People of Relief Bill

Nancy Pelosi Birthday


e all know the saying TGIF, “thank goodness it’s Friday.” That applies, in particular, today because this Friday, the American people are anxiously awaiting the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed earlier this week in the Senate. Pelosi announced late Wednesday that she would be delaying the vote until Friday, causing widespread dismay.

Pelosi blamed Republicans for the delay when in reality the speaker was attempting a “blatant push to include abortion funding in the emergency coronavirus bill” and “attempted to get ‘several’ provisions added to the bipartisan plan while in negotiations with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin” according to The Daily Caller.

If that weren’t disgusting enough, Pelosi reportedly had zero effort in bipartisanship and again blamed Republicans saying, “I don’t think we can get unanimous consent. There are a number of people who are working their way here – on the Republican side for sure, maybe on the Democratic side – to object to unanimous consent.”

Biz Pac Review reported Pelosi’s above comment and added, “that’s a dubious claim, albeit one that could have been verified had she simply tried – just tried – to advance the bill with unanimous consent. But she never did. Instead, she herself called for a 24-hour debate period and scheduled the vote for Friday.”

What a snake. But it gets slimier. The 24-hour delay was actually her 80thBirthday. Additionally, “Pelosi’s decision to delay the vote comes amid a report that jobless claims rose to 3,283,000 last week. It also comes amid the speaker having tried to hijack the bill with spending for unrelated pet projects after having ridden ‘into town’ from an ‘extended vacation” we learned from President Trump.

Earlier this week Trump tweeted, “Republicans had a deal until Nancy Pelosi rode into town from her extended vacation. The Democrats want the virus to win? They are asking for things that have nothing to do with our great workers or companies. They want Open Borders & Green New Deal. Republicans shouldn’t agree!”


  1. Hopefully, living!

  2. The woman is DERANGED and DELUSIONAL and an OLD HAG, who needs to. I’m fed up with her & band of liars and hypocrites who are a pathetic group. Speaking as a 76 year old female, who is disgusted with her demeaning the President, with lies and innuendos any time she want with her ” puppets “in the media. She is not a role model for women,in fact she is disgrace.

  3. John, so I have said this for years,and people just dont get it. If they ever power in the White House we are DOOMED.

  4. As a woman, raised Catholic, she is a disgrace in that she pretends to be something and lies every single day.

  5. It should be against the law to add pork to any bill designed to address a particular issue. The bill should contain only those those things that address the problem at hand and nothing more! Let’s be real, the pork Peloser wants added is really just slush funds that find their way back to the DNC and particular members of CONgress. The crud Peloser wants added has NOTHING to do with the American workers, small businesses or large businesses. The bill would not come close to the $2 Trillion dollar price tag we see now. Let’s get money into the hands of the workers who need & deserve it and give Peloser a big fat NO to her pork products, period. Thank same thing applies to the Republicans who pull the same thing when the shoe is on the other foot!


  7. I know she is praying for you too just like she prays for Pres Trump

  8. Money to the American workers, small & large businesses and only those who keep American running – anything else like the pork (slush fund) the DNC is desperately hoping to give millions to groups who have ZERO to do with AMERICANS FIRST! The dimms are only trying to create slush funds so that much of the money will make it back into the DNC! No to Nasty San Fran Nan, start getting used to hearing that word!

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