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Stupid Soft-On-Crime DA Won’t Charge Chappelle Attacker With A Felony

Gascon can’t possibly survive a recall.  Los Angeles will be a better and safer place when he’s escorted to the edge of town.

The assailant who tackled comedian Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl clearly committed both assault and battery, which are serious felonies.  Never mind that the overwhelming evidence of guilt was captured on camera.  The attacker, identified as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, had in his possession a deadly weapon —a fake gun with a “trigger knife” hidden in it.

Although he didn’t brandish the weapon during the assault, it may have been part of his larger intent to cause grievous bodily harm to the comedian on stage with a crowd of thousands watching.  It’s hard to comprehend how any of this could not be criminally charged as a felony under California’s Penal Code.

Is it justice to the victim to drop the charge to a mere misdemeanor by shipping the case off to the City Attorney?  It is not.  And what kind of message is being sent to would-be assailants?  Go ahead and do it, all you’ll get is a slap on the wrist.

This soft-on-crime attitude by District Attorney George Gascon is precisely why crime has skyrocketed in Los Angeles, my hometown.  It’s also why the ultra-progressive DA is facing a petition recall effort to evict him from office.  Citizens there are furious and fed up.  L.A. has become “crime central.”

Gascon routinely reduces charges or drops them altogether.  Criminals think he’s their best friend.  Public safety is a sad joke.  Under his tenure, homicides have risen almost 40 percent and shootings are up close to 70 percent.  Armed robberies, thefts, burglaries, and beatings have all skyrocketed.  In Gascon’s twisted world, crime is fine but punishment is wrong.  Try wrapping your head around that deranged philosophy.

Crazy George has made it his mission to reduce sentences and oppose incarcerations for many of the most violent crimes.  He refuses to charge juveniles as adults so that a 17-year-old is allowed to commit murder with consequence.  As a legal minor, the killer serves a couple of years in “juvie” and is then set free to murder all over again.

It is routine for Gascon to plea down serious felonies to minor offenses equivalent to jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk.  He has created a revolving door of injustice over at the city jail.  Police make arrests, only to have the DA let the suspects go.  He has given criminals a license to steal, menace, and harm people with impunity.  L.A. is a violent, free-for-all playground.

Thanks to Gascon, people live in fear because he has single-handedly transformed Los Angeles into a pro-crime paradise.  He doesn’t care one wit about victims of violent crimes.  He only cares about helping criminals escape prosecution.  Who’s side is he on?  The answer is obvious.

The same scenario is playing out in other major cities with progressive District Attorneys who got elected with the help of millions of dollars in funding funneled by billionaire wing-nut George Soros —San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia.

Thankfully, the tide is turning in Los Angeles.  Gascon’s support has plummeted in the polls.  Law enforcement is against him, assistant DA’s are against him, the LA County Sheriff is against him, and now many Hollywood elites are helping to fund the recall of Gascon.  They’re approaching the needed signatures to put him on the November ballot and boot him from office.

Yup, the same Hollywood crowd of liberal jokers that cheered the violent BLM riots and the insanity of the “defund police” movement have suddenly experienced an epiphany.  When their fancy mansions get broken into and their Lamborghinis get stolen, they begin to resent the real-life consequences of kumbaya crime policies.

Gascon can’t possibly survive a recall.  Los Angeles will be a better and safer place when he’s escorted to the edge of town.