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ormer National Security Adviser Susan Rice swore under oath she was never told about an FBI investigation looking into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign while serving under President Obama. However, Real Clear Investigations writes it’s a claim “that until now has escaped scrutiny.” We know this because former FBI Director James Comey testified Rice was in the meeting when he told President Obama about the FBI operation Crossfire Hurricane.

RCI notes that Rice is currently one of the top potential picks for vice president to be on the ticket with Biden. However, her “contradiction could lead to charges that Rice lied to Congress about a topic still of intense interest to investigators: How actively involved in the effort to spy on the Trump campaign was the inner circle of the Obama White House, including the president himself?” writes RCI.

Could this realization hurt Rice’s chances for veep? Lying in order to damage Trump is generally a positive for Democrats so likely it won’t damage her. Even the mainstream media undoubtedly won’t give it the attention it merits. Nonetheless, Real Clear Investigations is doing its best to educate the public.

“Rice earned a reputation for shading the truth after the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya,” writes RCI. “She was famously dispatched to five different Sunday morning news shows to repeat false talking points: that the mob that killed four Americans – including Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens – was merely reacting to an obscure YouTube video mocking Islam” RCI reminds us.

Susan RiceRice’s testimony on the Trump-Russia collusion took place two years before Michael Horowitz’s inspector general report for the Justice Department was released. Horowitz’s report was on the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, which included testimony from Comey. It is in Comey’s testimony we learn “the Obama team knew about the FBI’s investigation from nearly the start, and in detail.” The Horowitz report states:

When we asked Comey about meetings with the White House concerning Crossfire Hurricane, he said that although he did not brief the White House about the investigation, he did mention to President Obama and others at a meeting in the Situation Room that the FBI was trying to determine whether any U.S. person had worked with the Russians in their efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election…

Comey said he thought it was important that the President know the nature of the FBI’s efforts without providing any specifics. Comey said although he did not recall exactly what he said, he may have said there were four individuals with ‘some association or connection to the Trump campaign.’ Comey stated that after he provided this information, no one at the meeting responded or followed up with any questions. Comey did not recall specifically when this meeting took place but believed it may have been in August 2016.”

Real Clear Investigations points out that Comey may not have considered it an official “briefing” but that does not mean the information was not shared. In the report’s footnotes, the inspector general lists the individuals present at the meeting, which Comey provided to Horowitz. Footnote 194 states “President Obama was there, as well as his chief of staff, Dennis McDonough; also present were James Clapper, John Brennan, Michael Rogers and Susan Rice.

In conclusion, RCI lays out clearly: Comey told Rice “about Crossfire Hurricane within weeks of the investigation’s launch. Yet she told the House Intelligence Committee under oath that ‘I think it’s important for everybody to understand: We were not informed by Director Comey or the Attorney General that there was an active investigation of anybody in the Trump orbit.”


  1. I sincerely enjoyed this article and is confirming what we thought was going on.

    NOW, what is being done? Identifying the issue with confirmation is great; however, no action is only “spinning up the public discontent” for those of us who care about the rule of law but has no tangible benefits. The libs win; we lose, if no action is taken. Thank you, Gregg; great work as always!

  2. This chick is a first class weasel. But will she ever be held accountable for the perjury? Not likely because inside the DC bubble, they all protect each other and that means Dems and Repubs. Otherwise, Hillary would be wearing an orange jump suit. Remember the 33,000 emails that were under subpoena by Congress and then they got bleach bit. Those emails are on a server somewhere and I’m sure the FBI can retrieve them or NSA, which probably has them.

  3. Susan Rice has been described as “a sociopath’s sociopath”. So much so that Hillary Clinton follows her lead.

  4. “Could this realization hurt Rice’s chances for veep?” Ah no, this is more a qualification to Dems.

  5. She doesn’t need a raid she is above the law like Obama and his cronies…Those criminals get a free pass..Silly Americans what are you thinking? lawless raids are only for the peasants…No one is above the law only apply’s to us silly wabbits.. Now go back into your homes put on your mask and we will tell you when your freedom apply’s

  6. From top to bottom..You say why Bottom…cause the bottom is very silent

  7. echo echo echo…All falls on deaf ears

  8. Like they said…No one is above the law…Everything they say is opposite thats always been the rule of law in the dems world

  9. Wet dream…even the mayors and governors cheat their way into power..This game is about over for America..Might as well prepare for total complete anarchy ..Its what the globalist are planning for.

  10. The justice system is only preparing to round you and I up…Quit thinking their is any law here..We are toast just face it

  11. Because only their law counts silly

  12. Their world and our world are two different animals

  13. They all sold out to the globalist…how do you think they all got so filthy rich..Just enjoy your life and freedom for today for tomorrow it could be over once they take total control

  14. Why would anyone ever have faith in our justice system? Our justice system is “just us.” He who has the gold, makes the rules. The greatest enemy of the citizens of every country has always been that country’s government. Government’s job is to control and exploit the population. Always has been. The natural progression of every government is from anarchy to overthrow a despotic ruling class toward the inevitable evolution to a tyrannical state. We are there. Trust in no man-made institution.

  15. It wont be long…So don’t worry your march to the gallows wont take to long. America allowed this so I dont feel sorry for anyone

  16. All they have to do is deny everything and it just magically just goes away.

  17. Agreed, with one exception: We can be saved… if the silent majority were to rise up & remain silent no more!

  18. Until there are Roger Stone-like raids in front of terrified families, until there are indictments, until there are perp walks, there is nothing out there but talk. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think anything is going to come of what Barr and Durham are doing. Political theater.

  19. FBI is full of deep state snakes. There will be no raids.

  20. Pending………….

  21. Watch Joe pick Susan and even if Bill and John were poised to indict her…………and that is a very big “If”………she’ll be protected because those running for high office are a “Protected Class.”

    Yup. This “Protected Class” seems to have a Teflon Layer to protect them from ever having to answer for their crimes. Refer to HRC who has been out in Public for years, walking and talking, with more criminal baggage than just about any other politician.

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