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Sussmann Trial: Comey’s FBI Lied To Its Own Agents In Russia Hoax Cover-Up

Hillary and her acolytes created the greatest mass delusion in American political history…and perpetrated the dirtiest political trick ever.

As if the FBI’s gross misconduct couldn’t get any worse, we learned Monday in court that top bureau officials actively concealed from their own field agents that it was Hillary’s lawyer, defendant Michael Sussmann, who was peddling phony Trump-Russia collusion claims to the FBI.

Instead of telling their agents the truth of the information source, FBI brass lied by wrongly attributed it as coming from the “Department of Justice,” thus giving it the imprimatur of greater credibility than it deserved. As Monday’s testimony showed, had agents been told that Hillary’s campaign lawyer was behind it they would have recognized it for what it was –a politically motivated smear and immediately discounted it as a lie.

Monday’s testimony also revealed that the FBI eventually concluded as early as January of 2017 –just as the new president was about to take office– that the so-called “Alfa-Bank secret back-channel communication” between Trump and the Kremlin was a hoax.  Yet, Comey hid that critical information from Trump, congress, and the American people.  As a consequence, the media kept up its false reporting in the same way it continued to flog the fabricated “dossier.”

Comey and others at the FBI like Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok knew that “dossier” funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign was a collection of exaggerations and made-up stories that originated from her own people.  Comey could have told the truth and refuted all of the false media stories, but he didn’t.  He and his acolytes exploited it as a pretense to escalate their investigation of Trump to drive him from office.

It’s not surprising that CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC have refused to report any of the stunning revelations in the Sussmann trial.  They are shameless cowards. They spent the better part of three years obsessed with the collusion story with their non-stop coverage portraying Trump as a Russian asset.  They were reckless and wrong.  But now, they don’t want to draw attention to just how wrong they were by reporting on the trial.

The Washington Post is worse.  On Monday, the newspaper published a “news analysis” with the title, “Again: There’s no evidence Hillary Clinton triggered the Russia probe.”  Like much of the Post’s reporting, it is completely untrue.

Declassified CIA documents show that Hillary invented the hoax by approving a plan on July 26, 2016 to frame Trump.  She also gave her personal approval to leak it to the media, according to her own campaign manager’s testimony in court on Friday.  Testimony has shown that the FBI opened its probe of Trump because Hillary’s lawyer warned the Bureau that the media was about to report on it.  Sussmann was clearly acting on Hillary’s behalf. His own records show that he billed her campaign for his FBI visit.

Hillary and her minions ran with the bogus media stories by re-tweeting them and talking them up as wholly legitimate.  In fact, they had conjured up the stories themselves out of thin air.  Hillary and her acolytes created the greatest mass delusion in American political history…and perpetrated the dirtiest political trick ever.